Louis Vuitton Monogram DenimI hope you all had a wonderful day, honoring the mothers and praising the days on which you bursted through their placentas and lost your innocence. This afternoon we introduce the Limited Edition category, in which special and limited makes of popular handbags will be featured. A good candidate is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim series with croc trim that goes for about $4200, excluding the sidekick — that goes for another $350. The series with croc trim is limited to 200 pieces.

Generally, I dislike the new denim canvas on their bags. I believe LV would be better off reinventing their bag shapes and using the classic monogram canvas, instead of overdoing the whole fruit thing and making their bags look like Marc Jacobs threw up on them. If you dig the denim, you can check Vuitton.com for more of their Monogram Denim bags… for me they mean just wasted space on the blog front page.

The Outnet