Louis Vuitton Monogram DenimI hope you all had a wonderful day, honoring the mothers and praising the days on which you bursted through their placentas and lost your innocence. This afternoon we introduce the Limited Edition category, in which special and limited makes of popular handbags will be featured. A good candidate is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim series with croc trim that goes for about $4200, excluding the sidekick — that goes for another $350. The series with croc trim is limited to 200 pieces.

Generally, I dislike the new denim canvas on their bags. I believe LV would be better off reinventing their bag shapes and using the classic monogram canvas, instead of overdoing the whole fruit thing and making their bags look like Marc Jacobs threw up on them. If you dig the denim, you can check Vuitton.com for more of their Monogram Denim bags… for me they mean just wasted space on the blog front page.

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  • Noriko

    I really like the itty bitty noe keychain looking thing :)

  • billyjoe

    agreed, i love the keychain thingy, but look at the price! who do they think we are? millionaires?

  • Noriko

    lol small price to pay for a keychain that darn cute! I just got my grandmother 2 noe bags in different lines, this would be awesome to hang on one of them hehe. I wonder if they still have them at the boutiques.

  • vixen

    Whoever wrote that on the first page just doesn’t get it. I’d love to wear that with my jeans and a Guess tank.

  • Tanya

    I need HELP to find the little mini Noe bag!!! I would gladly pay $350 for an authentic one. Anybody know how to get one of these?

  • Priscila

    Hi Tanya, I’m listing a brand new (never used) authentic Mini Noe (monogram canvas) right now on Ebay – username the*girl*from*ipanema with a 310.00 starting price! Regards,

  • Toya

    Hi. I received a Mini Noe as a gift from a guy who liked me. Need less to say, I did not like him back and I have only taken this bag out about 4 times. It is in perfect condition with the dust bag. It is real because I picked it out from LV on 5th ave. in NY. I am selling this bag for $350 if you are still interested.


  • bf

    i’ll take it

  • Brianna

    This is really for Tanya…
    I have justed listed my Mini Noe for sale on ebay- look for it – the title is “BRAND NEW LOUIS VUITTON ‘NOE’ HANDBAG BAG’-

  • Linda Guess

    when did this key chain come out, and who has them for sale

  • Linda Guess-Culp

    where can I buy one of these bag’s or is it a keychain or just a add on to your bag.

  • Linda Guess

    how do you put the keys on to the bag is it a hook on it or doze the bag have the hook or ring for the keys, and where can i get one.

  • Wanda

    I bought a Vuitton denim purse with croc trim that I have been trying to get info on…..Can anyone help???
    It is taller than the one in the pic. With one large pocket on the front. Also a zipper pocket on the front and back. The lining is a deep rasbery color with the same monagram as the purse with the letters in black in satin….very nice. but i can not find another one like it..anyone know anything about this????

  • Naggy

    I think denim works for an everyday bag as it is durable and casual. (ipad)

  • KY

    I’m not a big fan of LV Monogram Denim. (ipad)

  • gigi

    I also love Monogram Denim, it’s very a stunner which i bought in http://bit.ly/mavS3Z

  • Denver Radclffe

    Help! I also have a limited edition denim and crocodile purse. I’ve held on to it for quite some time, but due to finances need to sell. Someone could get an amazing deal! Please reply if truly interested