Gucci Evening BagWhile looking at this bag, Vlad’s first comment was, “Why is that picture in black and white?” Nice to see that I turned him into such a fashion guru. I had to inform him that the colors were indeed the color the bag was meant to be. I think it’s stunning. The Gucci Evening Frame Bag is the definition of purse sophistication. The bag comes with chain straps, a push-lock closure, the circular Gucci charm on the outside, and an inside pocket (which must be very small by the look of things). The dimensions are 7.7 x 1 x 4.5 inches. Unfortunately for me, my wallet, and my man, I of course drew a liking to the most expensive version of this bag. Hey, what can I say- it’s a skill. The bag that features dark grey metal fringes and silver hardware will most likely make you cringe at the price tag: $5950 (all I can say is good thing they didn’t round up to $6000). Gasp! How I wish I could have this bag! There is also a version with black suede with black baroque embroidery, black lizard trim, and silver hardware which goes for $1595. Next a version with black tulle and black crystals with silver hardware which costs $1950. And lastly the bag can be done in dark blue velvet with black flower embroidery and silver hardware for the cheapest of them all $1195. If I had my choice, I’d still pick the expensive metal one (if my father is reading this he is shaking his head with a big YES and giving me- through the computer- that look I get. The “What have I done wrong you can’t afford that look”). All of these evening beauties are available through Gucci for their various prices.

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  • amanda

    Now this is an evening bag. I love it!

  • billyjoe

    *gasps* That is the most gorgeous evening bag I have ever seen…*gasps again* The price!

  • Karen

    That’s a gorgeous bag, but at around $6k..hmmmm.

  • Naggy

    This is almost decent; if only they had cut off that fringe. (ipad)

  • KY

    Looks kinda nice. (ipad)

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