Coach is always ahead of the curve, partnering with various industry leaders to bring us something special year-round, not just during the holiday season. But the brand’s latest partnership with Rachel Zoe and music duo Karmin has me truly excited. For its Holiday 2012 digital program, Coach pulled out all the stops and brought together the pop sensation Karmin to sing a high-energy version of “Sleigh Ride,” exclusively for Coach. The music video features Karmin’s Amy and Nick styled in Coach looks by everyone’s favorite fashion star, Rachel Zoe.

Karmin keeps it real with a muscial style that was previously absent in the industry. With Nick’s tender voice and Amy’s uncanny ability to rap, the duo has everyone talking. On November 28th, the song will be available for free download on, and the official music video will go live that same day, paired with a boutique of Karmin’s favorite holiday items. (more…)

Spotted: Coach darling Michelle Trachtenberg toting the Coach Candace Carryall in Cognac. Sometimes I’m reminded of how much I genuinely love Gossip Girl, despite the fact that I’ve forgotten to watch the last 2-3 seasons altogether. Someone update me – did Georgina ever make another appearance after baby-dumping on Dan? According to the online gossip rags, Michelle was definitely present when they filmed the final episodes of Gossip Girl in mid-October, so I guess we’ll be seeing ol’ Georgina once again, on what is certain to be an utterly scandalous series finale that will be absolutely rife with designer goods.

But anyway, back to the bag. The Candace Carryall is quite a bargain at $458 via Coach, plus I have a major soft spot for those signature tassels. As you may or may not remember, Michelle Trachtenberg designed a line of costume jewelry for Coach’s “Poppy” line in 2010. Sadly, the pieces are no longer available for sale, but you can get a taste of what the collection looked like from this old Coach ad. Does designing for Coach put you on the free sample list for life? One can only hope. Now can we talk about those phenomenal shades? 10,000 Purseblog cool points to the reader who can ID them for me!

I’m not sure if you realized, but up until a couple seasons ago, Coach didn’t make clutches. They had every other bag to fill any collection, including tons of wristlets, but they didn’t make clutches. I remember going to their Fall 2012 preview way back in February, and the company was buzzing about the introduction of clutches, an integral design to any brand’s book.

Coach did not disappoint, and I found myself immediately drawn to the Coach Legacy Colorblock Clutch. Staying true to the brand’s aesthetic, the clutch has the convenience of a wristlet but adds spaciousness with the dimensions of the interior compartment. Always looking for usability, Coach also added inside multifunction pockets along with an outside zip pocket and optional wrist strap.

I can’t say I am surprised; Coach has built a massive market in the handbag world and it is only fitting that when they added clutches, they would knock it out of the park. The dimensions are very spacious, 11.25″ x 6.75″ x 2.25″, which makes this clutch large enough for daytime use as well. There are plenty of color options, including non-colorblocked, but I am drawn to this bright pink and blue version. Price is $168 via Coach.

One of my favorite movies of all time is Made of Honor. Yes, it seems like a predictable chick filck, and while that’s not entirely incorrect, it’s also incredibly sweet and fun. Anytime it comes on TV I watch it, and I may or may not own the DVD and pop it in every few weeks. Just sayin’.

Watching Made of Honor, I fell in love with Michelle Monaghan. She’s a great actress and a natural beauty. She stays out of the limelight for the most part, but of course she’s spotted here and there and the paparazzi enjoy photographing her. Over the weekend, she took her adorable daughter to the ever famous Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Los Angeles, and it seems that she and every other celebrity had the same idea for their kiddos. I love that Michelle stayed down to Earth with her bag choice, a beautiful Coach Legacy Leather Duffle Bag. Price is $348 via Coach. (more…)

The first bag I ever begged my parents for (and eventually started off my handbag addiction with) was a classic Coach bag. It was the beginning of what has changed my life and turned into a full-time job, so as you can imagine, Coach holds a very special place in my heart. Over the years Coach has changed, offering more and more options for everyone, whether it’s your first bag or your 50th bag.

I was so excited to see Coach re-launched the Willis, a bag inspired by one of the most iconic bags in Coach company archives. This is the first Coach bag in the past few years I knew I had to have and once it hit the site I clicked to buy. I’ve been carrying it for a couple weeks and now I can break it down to share with you guys exactly how the Coach Willis stacks up.

Here is how my Coach Willis scores in our PurseBlog Purseonals ratings: Click to see how my Coach bag scores!

A few months ago, Coach unveiled a return to its roots with the Coach Legacy collection of handbags and accessories. I spent a long while perusing the bags in all their color glory and realized that this is the Coach I knew and loved. This is the Coach I desperately wanted to see make a resurgence, and it has finally arrived. Good news: beautiful leathers in an array of colors have taken over Coach because the Legacy collection is now available for purchase.

From carnelian to sunflower to emerald to cobalt to neutrals to black to colorblock, there is every color, shape and variety of bag when it comes to the Coach Legacy Collection. The prices are also really fair, as even for a larger leather bag you will only reach the $500 mark, which is more in line with the Coach we’ve all known and loved in the past. While Coach has a fanbase that crosses generations and it produces items from Poppy to exotics, the re-release of the Legacy has brought back my love for Coach. It is all about the leather, the bag, and the design, and this is what started me off as a Coachie to begin with. Add a piece of Coach quality to your collection and shop the vast Legacy collection now at (more…)

No, you haven’t traveled in some kind of time warp back to Monday. (How cruel would that be?) Yes, these are man bags. Just like men’s oversized watches, oxfords and loafers have become a trendy (not to mention totally chic) option for women in recent years, a men’s bag can also add a fresh, slightly unexpected element to an ensemble. Plus, men’s bags tend to be more neutral and less expensive than similar designs for women, so they’re an amazing option for everyday schlepping.

When you add that savings onto Coach‘s already-reasonable price points, there are a whole slew of deals to be had. Coach has been really upping its game in the menswear department since 2010, and the culmination of all that hard work is a line of bags that are subtle, functional and just preppy enough to look brilliant during the bright, warm days of spring and summer. Check out our picks for the ones you (Yes, you. Forget your man. He can get his own bags.) should be stocking up on, after the jump. Also, just a tip – all of these options come in multiple colors. (more…)

Louis Vuitton may have pioneered the idea, but now handbags designers collaborating with high-profile artists is all the rage. Everyone from Dior to Coach has given it a shot, and in the case of Coach, it seems as though the company has judged such collaborations to be a roaring success. Fresh off of a much-loved menswear teamup with Hugo Guinness, the American handbag company has tapped New York artist James Nares to lend his prints to a collection of totes that will debut a week from today.

Coach x James Nares will feature the artist’s signature waves, which he paints on huge canvasses while hanging from a harness above them. Coach has translated those pieces into a set of six tote bags, each of which will be made in limited editions of 175. The leather-trimmed canvas totes will retail for $798 when they hit Coach stores and on April 20. Check with your local store to see if they’ll be receiving pieces from the collection, or better yet, sign up for notification of the bags’ arrival at More images of the collection after the jump. (more…)

Nestled right in the center of New York City overlooking 5th Ave on the perfect last day of winter, Coach found a spot to showcase their Fall 2012 Legacy collection. The new location from their typical preview gave way to an entirely new look for the brand, almost like a relaunch. Gone is Coach monogramming (at least from the featured lines), and in its place is classic leather and beautiful colors. Coach dug back into its archives to reinvigorate their Fall 2012 line with its new Legacy collection.

Clean and classic lines were the forefront of each design as was beautiful hues of leather. The first thing that caught my attention was the wall of duffel bags in a rainbow of colors. The Coach Duffel is a classic and I had a hard time deciding which color I wanted, but I am leaning towards the bright pink or blue.

From there I found my way to a few setups featuring different bags, shoes, and accessories. There was a touch of colorblocking and animal print, but the majority of the designs stayed true to the classic Legacy by offering wearable designs, classic hardware, and sturdy leather.

The back of the preview showcased a table of small accessories, and Coach did not disappoint. From colorful coin pouches to laptop sleeves, there was a little bit of everything in all the right colors.

Most important to note is the new structured clutch that was seen at the preview. Coach is not known for making a true clutch, but for the upcoming season, the brand decided to try something new. I adored the tan leather clutch they showed with its spacious body and handheld cutout. It was both ladylike and chic.

Of course Coach will offer more of the designs we expect from them as this is only the Legacy collection, but I love the direction its taking. The Coach girl is growing up but staying true to her roots, and this is precisely what Coach showed with their Fall 2012 Legacy collection. Shop Coach now.

One of my favorite winners from this year’s Oscars was Octavia Spencer. The Best Supporting Actress from the movie The Help heard her name called out and was completely and totally in shock. I love seeing someone genuinely surprised and thrilled by an award, and clearly Octavia was. Her acceptance speech was personal and moving as she stood at the podium barely able to hold it together, I was jumping off my couch clapping.

During the red carpet arrivals, Octavia wore a beaded, shirred white Tadaschi Soshi gown. But after the award show she was caught backstage gripping her golden Oscar and carrying a more spacious bag, the Coach Pinnacle Allie (more…)

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