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  • Sandy

    The bags looks expensive even with the amount of embellishment, to me, that is not easy to do. A little like what Gucci is doing now for less money.

    • I’m actually with you. I think the other thing to keep in mind is when a show takes place, the set and makeup and overall vibe can be quite different and theatrical which gives an overall vibe. But the bags on their own might not be as ‘intense’ as the collection as it was shown, ya know?

  • Sarah

    I actually really like this direction Coach is taking. It’s crazy but in a good way

  • Canuck65

    I think these are just hideous.

  • Lori

    My goodness Coach has gone in a different direction! I can’t decide if I hate these bags or think they are genius. I think that i am way too old for them, hence my confusion. But so happy to see them going for IT!

    • MaureenB

      Totally agree. My initial reaction was that I didn’t like them at all, but the more I look at them I think they are cool but just not for me.

      • beatrice.trotter

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      • Cari

        Totally agree…Cool, but I’m too old too carry them and get away with it. I would feel like I’m trying (way) too hard!

  • I got a little dizzy from scrolling. Too much everything

  • psny15

    i think this is crazy yet fun and relevant!

  • Lauren

    Every single bag looks garish, hideous and cheap.

  • E Cooper

    Not again! Coach was tacky for so long with all the cheap monogram and mall crap but had gotten back on track a couple years ago. But now, off track and tacky again. This is not cool. It is cheap looking. Who are they trying to appeal to? They should go back to their roots (again) and work with that. This is not Coach. It looks like they sold their name.

    • CatR

      I can answer who they are appealing to–me! I’m in my 20s with disposable income, which I imagine is the demographic Coach is courting with the last few collections. A few years ago when coach was producing the cloth monogram as their signature component, I was not interested in their products at all. Now… I’m coming around. I went into a store a few weeks ago and looks and felt the new products, and I’d argue that this is the heritage Coach–the leather is fantastic and the attention to detail warrants the new, higher prices.

      • Completely agree with you. Ten or 15 years ago I would’ve been all over this collection.

  • FashionableLena


  • Tinsley Proust

    So fun!!!!

  • Kristoffer

    Coach pls. take a peek at the Chloe Lexa and find your roots again. I was happy with their Swagger and Rogue, now here we are. No clear transitioning.

  • shai

    I like the look but I don’t know if it’s for me. I also don’t care much for Elvis so I hope that aspect is toned down when it hits stores. Otherwise, I kind of like this ‘Gucci’s awkward rebel teen sister’ riff Coach is doing. At least it is a POV

  • I’m sorry but I really don’t like them at all.
    They look cheap & too busy- it’s just too much.. Not a fan. :(

  • Rosemary

    There some I love and some not so much. But Classic Designs on all

  • There is a reason that Coach (mostly the ready-to-wear) was featured front and center on the first floor of New York’s OPENING CEREMONY this past winter. They are targeting (successfully from what I can see) a younger, edgier consumer who generally is more comfortable with and actually seeks out items that feature some sort of individuality, but still wants the assurance of quality standards (that an established brand can provide). Maybe some of the naysayers here won’t see these bags in their circles, but that’s probably because it wasn’t designed with you in mind.

  • Katie

    That gorgeous grassy green color. Oh man. I hope they make a few of their more standard bags in that gorgeous color. They have a bunch of bags in Forest right now, but that’s has too much of a blue tint for me.