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  • FashionableLena

    Not a fan of the collection as a whole, but there are a couple of pieces that are okay. Slide 43 and the NASA charms. I’m not getting a cool girl/boy vibe. What I’m getting is a mediocre attempt at being Moschino.

  • GoanLit

    I like looking at his work but I wouldn’t buy any of these. The style’s more suited to “girls,” not women, but I wonder how many could afford these bags? Most of will wait for markdowns. Those of us who are older and can afford to splurge on bags are more likely to choose established premier designers. Thus Coach continues to be relegated to the “first bag” club.

  • Gigi

    Love the jackets, but I could take or leave the bags. I’m happy that Coach is reinventing themselves, though!

  • M Green

    The COACH 1941 line is absolutely gorgeous (the details, the leather, the styling, etc) and demonstrates a clear artistic point of view, which the rest of the Coach collection lacks in my opinion. I used to despise Coach but Stuart V has led an incredible turn around! Obviously, this is not for everyone and I would not buy every piece, but I see a lot of cool stuff! The price point is still lower than all premium designers but the quality is excellent. So it really makes you think twice about paying top dollar for Gucci’s plastic bags!

  • Canuck65

    Are these a joke?

  • psny15

    Coach reminds me of gucci in a fun and fresh way!

  • ECooper

    This collection is like a joke I am not in on.

  • Sara

    Too busy. Too much going on. Too many bells and whistles and chains and zippers and etc etc etc

  • seres

    These “most forward-thinking pieces” are decidedly retro.

    I hope it’s not off-topic to say that socio-political events on both sides of the Atlantic has turned me off nostalgic kitsch.

  • Kate

    These aren’t for me personally, but at least Coach has a point of view these days. I never thought they would succeed in extracting themselves from monogram-heavy, outlet purgatory. I probably would have been into these when I was in my twenties, and they’re in the right price point for that demographic.

  • Janaki Subramanyam

    I do think Stuart Vevers has taken Coach in a really nice direction but this collection is really not suited to women. I did recently break down & buy the Rogue after going back & forth on it but so far that’s the only bag I’ve liked in the 1941 collection.

    • Capture1Click

      May be you want to check Swagger style. I had the same thought but in retail store I was able to change the mind and see how Swagger, Dinky also fits my choice..

  • gt66

    I think Coach is doing really great things these days. This is our American flagship brand, and I think it’s awesome. I’ve noticed that their designs, no matter how funky, are including a considerable amount of internal organization which I really appreciate. The leather ages beautifully so they are not a “one season” bag. They are using a lot of gorgeous suede for the linings of some bags also. It’s a lot of quality for the money, and a lot of practicality also. Love it!

  • Cbo9710

    I bought my fist coach at 18 and was a huge fan for years. Since then, I have sold off or given away all but 1 piece as I transition into a higher end collection. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to watch the brand reinvent itself so that it can be to others what it was for me.

  • Capture1Click

    When can we start seeing Pre Fall collections in store?