Memorial Day Sunscreen

Although everyone on the PurseBlog team is obviously a big fan of leather, we’re not such big fans of turning into leather. With that in mind, we thought the Friday before summer’s unofficial kickoff might be the right time to share some of our favorite sunscreen picks for all occasions. At the very least, we’re hoping you’ll remember to pick up a bottle or two on the way home today. Also, I’d like to share a cautionary tale.

Last summer, I went to the beach for the first time in years, and apparently in that time, I had forgotten that I am among the palest people on Earth who is not an actual hermit, and I decided that a cursory spritz of SPF 15 would be fine. It was not! I had to work from home for a day and a half because I fell asleep on my stomach at the beach, burning my back so badly that I had to go home and lay face-down on my bed, covered in aloe, with my laptop in front of me in order to be a productive human being. Don’t be me.

On the same trip, a friend forgot to put sunscreen on the tops of her feet. Don’t be her, either. You’ll want to wear shoes in the near future.

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