Megs stumbled upon this pretty hoboesque bag yesterday. Keep in mind that was while I was kept at INS Level 2 (some immigrations agent thought I may have been an illegal worker in the US or something like that, almost causing us to miss our connection flight) and being interrogated about my trip.

After restless hours of searching, we still can’t get it right. :-( Andrew, a loyal reader of ours, who wants to grab one for his girl’s birthday this month and can’t figure it out. Neither can we… gasp.

You know something that really grinds my gears… when a store advertises a bag a certain way, and then you later realize there are various parts you have to buy to make it look that way.

This lady you don’t see much of other than on 11 pm re-runs of Will and Grace– it is the lovely Debra Messing! Now I am a huge fan of the show- just love it. I love Jack and Will quite a bit more than Grace.

While you are reading this, I’ll be sitting on an airplane with a numb arse eating my peanuts and wondering how much longer the 9 hour flight will be. You can instead enjoy the comfort of your home/office/wherever and admire this set of two hair cubes.

Lately I have not been the biggest fan of logos. I just hate how they are slapped all over purses as if it makes the bag that much better. I love the appeal of designer bags, but the logos just bother me sometimes.

Today is hectic. After the most wonderful month spent in Germany and all over Europe, it’s time for me to be packing my bags (by bags I mean I packed my life into the hugest luggage imaginable) and heading back to the states (well what is left of Florida- bye bye trees).

Some more fodder for the celebrity style section! Spotted at a soiree at designer Michael Kors’s Beverly Hills boutique on Thursday, Rebecca Romijn was caught sporting a Tod’s Happy Traccolina and putting a gentle grip on Heidi Klum‘s über pregger belly.

The world has become hands-free. We have hands free phones, hands free computer typing (for the very lazy), hands free drinking with straws, and maybe someday our entire lives will be hands free — driving cars and all aspects of technology and work.

Now isn’t this so nice of Miss Paris Hilton? She is all about supporting her sister’s handbags. This one is not so cute at all. But Paris took it out in Miami (yay for my hometown!), and smiled big for the camera.