After restless hours of searching, we still can’t get it right. :-( Andrew, a loyal reader of ours, who wants to grab one for his girl’s birthday this month and can’t figure it out. Neither can we… gasp. Our first thought was that it might be a Cartier Large Bag from the Trinity de Cartier collection (pictured below), but it’s still not quite right. Ideas, anyone? Help a fellow reader out and help him make his girl’s birthday memorable! Afterall, you all will agree with me that it’s quite the task to keep our girls happy. ;-)

Cartier Handbag

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  • ginny

    it looks like a diaper bag…..

  • amanda

    It looks like a bag that my best friends sister hauled around in the 80″s.

  • agnes

    I belive it’s a vintage bag from the 80s. or a diaper bag like ginny thought. it’s something she picked up at wal mart. it’s really ugly, and I think she only wears it because it’s really useful around the babies. you can’t have a baby in your arms while sporting a paddington (full of baby stuff? don’t think so!) not that Angelina ever would sport a padington..
    buy something special and beautiful for your girlfirend instead, something YOU picked out. Don’t go buy some ugly bag because you’ve seen it in the same pic as Angelina Jolie.
    if you need a tip anyway, go for the latest Mulberry bag in purple with pompom-straps. (in the ad the model is wearing a fab leather jacket and carriyng the bag) it’s cute and special. quite cheap as well (about $450). good luck!

  • chemlex

    It looks like you could be easily pickpocketed when you carry that bag – it’s out of your eyesight, and hangs far off the body and it doesn’t look like it closes on the top.

    If I got something as plain as that for a birthday gift, I would be disappointed. It looks like the kind of bag you buy at Savon near your hotel because you forgot to pack a purse for your trip – in fact, I think I bought that purse four years ago in San Diego!

  • Noriko

    Thats what I thought upon first reading that thread on fashionspot too. Good luck find it :)

  • kaitlyn


  • kaitlyn


  • billyjoe

    Butt Ugly!

  • Zippy


  • cybasistagirl

    Can’t that hypocrite afford a proper baby bag?
    Pat Benatar called………she wants her 80’s baby bag back!

  • jimmy

    i like it

    and i like her… but please dont tell joe

  • dani

    Angelina can make anything look good even this…I am really tired of all the snide remarks against her…It isn’t her fault Jennifer (white trash) Aniston couldn’t keep her husband happy.
    Go Angelina!!!!!

  • FjoLLa

    she make me bisexual i`m carrzy about her not her bag i love evrything tha has realition with her i love u angelina even if u don`t know that

  • James Caffrey in Costa Del Sol Spain

    I dont think is a nappy bag, I think its dead stylish.

  • DLI

    Don’t know who made the bag but if it were any longer… you might as well put some wheels on it & pull it instead of carrying it on your shoulder!!! LOL Definitely must be one of the most uncomfortable bags to carry as it’s knocking you on the back of the knee heavy with baby bottles! Better yet, put some long fringes on it & it would be a portable street sweeper! Ok, I’m going to stop now……….

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  • caroline

    Hello–where you all ‘out’ when the short-handled big bag became uncool? Of course this woman knows exactly what she’s doing. [So does the guy above from Spain.] Coolest thing is, you can’t tell the designer or whatever. Being stylish is knowing how to innovate it and wear it–not buy it.

  • vlada adam

    it’s DKNY.

  • vlada adam

    it is DKNY bag.

  • AJ

    it’s definitely vintage. Probably from the 1980’s. I have one very similar in my closet because I hate to throw things out. Do you want to buy it :?:

  • Naggy

    I don’t care for the looks of this bag at all. (ipad)

  • KY

    I don’t know what bag this is, but I know that I don’t like it. (ipad)