Dior Flight Large East/West BagThis bag has me sold. Screw the east, screw the west, I’d take this pup on a north / south trip any day! Either way, I love the new Dior Flight Large East/West Bag from Dior’s new Flight collection, just because it combines both ruggedness (the bag’s structure and appeal implies to me that it could take quite the beating) and the sheer elegance of a typical Dior. Not to mention, it looks so timeless – the large ‘D’ snap on the shoulder strap and the interlock ‘D’ on its front look stunning with the supple, grained leather in brown. A front tag cleverly prompts you to “Remove Before Flight”. I am sure you wouldn’t have to travel a lot to look great with it and make other’s eyes stare at it in envy. The 12″ x 5.5″ x 4″ bag goes for $1,550 and is immediately available through eLuxury.

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  • Michele

    Oh my! I am going to have to mail this link to my boyfriend pronto! Maybe I won’t have to worry about messing this one up all night like I do the saddle bag. Half the night out is spent inspecting it for scratches to the leather or metal! So far so good though! My Street Chic has been through some rough times and is holding up like a champ! Dior bags actually seem to be extrememly sturdy (at least the ones I’ve seen). That is a requirement for me!

  • Roy

    Ummmmm…it seems a bit plain to me. Especially being Dior. I do like the ‘D’ detailing on the handle, but maybe it just looks weird in the pic. The strap seems wayyyy too wide, but maybe the bag is bigger (in real life) than I am picturing here, and if that’s the case, I’m sure it’s fine then…


  • billyjoe

    It’s so beautiful! I so disagree with you Roy, the bag doesn’t look weird.

  • lmpsola

    A very nice bag! Now I know what to buy for my birthday.

  • reem

    are you kidding me!
    did you describe a dior bag as “timeless”
    it might look it, however the way they are going they have a new collection out every day.
    i cant keep up.
    and honestly in my opinion the bags are getting uglier.
    I am very disappointed with Dior.

  • Kaitlyn

    This is cool!!!

  • supergirl

    i can see how this purse looks ‘timeless’, it’s not trendy. but i think it’s uglyb/c it’s so big (i’m a small purse girl).

  • Tara


  • luvmonogrambagz

    At first I didn’t really want it. I saw a girl carry it around at the mall. I just drooled and hoping will get it sometime next month. D lock is what sold me. I love the look of it, very rugged .The leather is very soft. Dark brown will be the color I choose.

  • Naggy

    What a rich color that I want to eat! (ipad)

  • KY

    Not my cup of tea. (ipad)