WIHB Lisa Sugar-2

WIHB Lisa Sugar-3


WIHB Lisa Sugar-4


WIHB Lisa Sugar-5


WIHB Lisa Sugar-6


WIHB Lisa Sugar-7


WIHB Lisa Sugar-8


WIHB Lisa Sugar-9


WIHB Lisa Sugar-10


WIHB Lisa Sugar-11


WIHB Lisa Sugar-12


WIHB Lisa Sugar-13


WIHB Lisa Sugar-14


WIHB Lisa Sugar-15


WIHB Lisa Sugar-16


WIHB Lisa Sugar-17


WIHB Lisa Sugar-18


WIHB Lisa Sugar-19

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  • PJGambler

    Never before heard of her nor her website, but these articles are always interesting.

  • love her bag collection! her daughter is adorable :)

  • Best blue bags!!!!!!

  • kindled

    Hmmm, what’s her favorite color though? ;)

  • Aubrey

    Can you continue to do more of thr Real Housewives?

  • Nan

    Loved this post – and blue handbags are my passion. Can you tell me the brand of the blue bag hanging on the gate?

    • dela

      Hermes Toolbox Bag

      • Nan


  • abugail

    love this post! she has some insanely gorgeous pieces in her collection!

    • CoCo

      and insanely blue!

  • Sarah

    Another great feature team Purseblog!!

  • Cbl

    Love the Star Wars paraphernalia and she has the SICKest blue bag collection ever!!!

    • YEP! It was Vlad’s happy place – he loves great bags and Star Wars even more ;)

  • Melanie

    Something tells me she likes blue. idk.

  • Mya Wilkes

    My goodness, Vlad sure takes the most AMAZING pictures!! The Vaseline shot and the bag on the white shelf are To Die. Loved the post and her blue bags – swoooonnnnn.

  • Y Ajayi

    Beautiful handbags…

  • Great collection! And love the bags in her home with all the nerdy stuff. Love the Eames LCW chair too.

  • Trisha Fleischer

    Great job Vlad….she’s fun..quirky.. with a wicked bag collection ..I love her!

  • Elisa

    Love the home decor! Bags are pretty, I agree with the bag with in the bag approach!

  • Lex

    Need more blue in my life!

  • kaly

    Love these features! Amazing photos and interesting tidbits in a great format; perfect for my short attention span!!! Please keep ’em coming!! :)

  • Collie

    Who makes the bag on the white shelf?

  • mmmbaaby .

    Can anyone tell me the brand of the graphic white handbag on the sodden chair?
    Thank u!

  • Ahhh Star Wars! Love it :)

  • Ivy

    Can someone tell me the brand of the bag hanging on the double door handles?

  • Velmamith

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  • Valerieuff

    <???.%@^@^@^!^!^!^!^.. ??????????+purs+. < Read more info here='' ……..''

  • Jerri R

    Crap I’m Jelling of her bag collection somebody stop me!!