Reason #2 Why We Love Bags: They have a low cost-per-use. You can spend a thousand dollars on a fancy dress and only wear it once or twice, but if you spend the same thousand dollars on a bag you love, you’ll use it over and over again for years.

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  • mll mag

    i totally agree with you……
    I looooooove bags….

  • Patricia

    Yeah, in that sense they are like a really good and comfy pair of shoes :)

  • rebecca

    Agreed. This is what I keep telling my parents when they question my bags.

    • annika

      indeed! this is what i keep telling my daughter, sisters and mom when they question the price of my bags.

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    Yes, cost per wear much better with handbags!

    Also, handbags and shoes “make the outfit”.

  • The Little Dust Princess

    That is one of the best reasons & I totally agree with it.

  • delaney

    haha. i definitely tell myself that every time i’m about to buy a new bag.

  • Mommy needs a new bag

    Good point – time to go get a new bag ;)

  • Millie

    Definitely agree and now I’m eying an $800 dress I bought five years ago and wore twice, wondering why I didn’t spend that money on a bag!

  • Maggie

    Totally agree!!

  • gacats

    I’m going to use this excuse!

  • Kat P

    This is so right. Now I want to go be economical and buy a new bag I will use for years and years. :)

  • Shopping Lady

    Absolutely agree. I would also do a cost per day calculation, a new $2,000 bag would only cost less than $1/ per day for 10 hrs, pretty easy to rationalize the purchase .

  • Candace

    That’s definitely one reason why I buy nice purses. Also, I plan to hand them down to my nieces one day. :)

  • ray

    I really love these Prada dress – they’re very ladylike and proper, but still beautiful and with a hint of sexiness. Prada News They look very wearable and seems like it can go with any outfit! Although I’m not partial to houndstooth print in general.

  • osladegerez

    True. Sunglasses, haircut, bags and jeans are all something that can be ammortized down to nothing if you use everyday. And now that bags have such a high re-sale value….you can justify spending whatever you want …… Right?

  • joana

    i can fall in love with my cheap and not so cheap purses over and over again. :)