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  • Gigi

    Love the color of this bag!! Recently bought my first Celine, also a Nano, and I am head over heels in love with her. Received a Samorga purse organizer for her last week and it made the bag even more enjoyable!

    • Thanks! It is a great bag!! Enjoy yours!

    • Olgahgerman4

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  • gigi

    I’d love to see what fits in a Givenchy Pandora mini and small :-)

    • K! I don’t have that bag yet, but let me see if I can wrangle one in!

  • Sarah

    Yes!!! thanks for doing this bag I was thinking about getting it in black but wasn’t sure if it was too small. Seems spacious for a mini bag!

  • Sara

    I cannot believe that large wallet fits in there!!! I’m really impressed. Always thought this was a toy bag. Like it.

    • YEP! Isn’t it great! You wouldn’t expect it but it does fit and fairly well too

  • Gs ol

    beautiful bag! my next bag is going to be a gucci soho disco. would love a “what fits” in that please! (especially how tight is your LV wallet). thanks!!

    • AAAA

      I have a Gucci Soho Disco and I can’t fit my continental wallet in it :-/ It is a great bag though!

    • My LV wallet won’t fit in it, but my Soho Disco is next for our What Fits! It is a great bag and because of it’s wide/rectangular shape, you can fit a lot inside!

    • Sara

      I have a Soho. It won’t fit a long wallet but it fits me Alexsnder Wang heavy medium wallet. One night I even stuffed a cardigan in it!

  • Nicole

    ….what happened to monthly ‘Purseonal’ features? I was really looking forward to them, but sadly have been left hanging so far in 2016!

    • You’re totally right. I’m gonna have to go overtime to make up for it!

  • kemilia

    I love this feature, both to see how much various bags can hold, and also to see what other people keep in their bags. Keep these features coming!! (and I LOVE this bag’s color too)

  • AshleyG

    ahhhh this.makes.me.so.HAPPY. Everything I want in this type of post- the bag and the beautiful stuff in it!

  • Anita Means

    I was in NYC over the weekend and even fit an umbrella in mine. It’s the best best best bag for travel, you can shove it in a bigger bag and bring it on the plane to get past their “only two items” rule.

  • Your Nano is in such a gorgeous color Megs – that yellow really pops! I’d love to see a “What Fits?” post on the Chloe Drew bag (preferably the Small version, which is what I’m saving up for – but the Medium works as well!)

  • Marie

    Great post! I am in the market for a mini bag. Would you say this one fits the most, as far as mini bags go? I need to be able to fit 2 epi pens in mine, in addition to the usual wallet etc. but struggle to find one that is accommodating. The nano looks very promising though.

  • I love these posts. It’s so helpful to see if a bag will actually work for me before I start dreaming and get attached!

  • Line Bruun Larsen

    Please do a “what fits” on the celine mini. I am contemplating buying one. But i am not sure if my macbook pro 13″ fits comfortably. Our do i have to get the phantom so it fits ? It would be a big help!

  • rani

    Please do LV Alma BB on what’s fits.