Photo via Jak & Jil

Emotionally, I have moved on from summer. I’ve decided that summer and I are over and my new love interest is fall, even though it won’t begin to cool down in New York for at least another six weeks. Facts don’t figure in matters of the heart, after all.

I’m already well into the planning stages for fall clothing and accessory purchases, but this fantastic photo of model Britt Maren by (who else?) Tommy Ton of Jak & Jil has reminded me of a style arena that I’ve yet to tackle for the new season: Makeup. More specifically, the perfect red lip, which is the subject of this week’s Want It Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I have one of those skintones that does not take well to just any red lipstick. I’m pale and yellow-undertoned, and almost all medium reds turn to bright pink as soon as they hit my lips. I’ve found my best luck with Chanel, most specifically its Rouge Allure lipstick in “Fatale.” It may look burgundy on most website, but on my lips it’s a deep, rich red. I’m also a fan of Chanel Luminous Satin Lip Lacquer in “Imperial,” which is a gloss with the dense pigmentation and semi-matte finish of a lipstick (and another one that looks much redder in person than in the website swatches).

So what’s your perfect red? Are you blessed with an easy-to-flatter complexion like Britt up there, or do you find it more difficult to locate a match? You can find both my Chanel lipstick and gloss recommendations via Neiman Marcus for $32.

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  • Eileen

    I have impossible to pair skin (pale, with red undertones). But, I’ve found that Mac’s Russian Red actually looks pretty good, but it’s a multi-step application process: start with Body Shop Lip Scuff to get smooth lips, apply lipstick, blot repeatedly, apply Body Shop Lip Care to lighten the lipstick, blot more. Then, and only then, am I able to wear red lipstick without looking like a homeless clown.

  • rose60610

    Hello, my name is rose60610 and I am a red lipstick-holic. Chanel, Revlon, you name it, I’ve tried it. My favorites are by Chanel, though I will stray to other lines. I love red! There is a red for everyone!

  • MizzJ

    This photo is gorgeous! Our summer has yet to start, so I haven’t had a chance to tire of summer yet :( Finding a good red is quite tricky. For my Asian, medium-beige skin tone, I find Sephora’s fire engine red works pretty well!

  • Amanda

    I actually love MAC’s Hot Tahiti. I’m quite pale with freckles and cool undertones. I own Russian Red and Lady Bug but always find that they make me look too clownish because of how incredibly WHITE I am.

    Seriously my legs are like translucent. Not fun in the summer when I want to wear cute shorts because I live in South Florida of all places.

  • Faiza

    i have olive skin tone …and i love wearing red lips for evenings dinners or any sort of parties. i usually go with revlon and i just recently got chanel it’s fatal 71 and it’s a deep red on my lips because i have pink flush in my lips to begin with. i love it.

  • Cara

    Fatale is my go-to red, as well. For Fall, though, I’m planning on rocking the nearly-Goth MAC Diva. And also, of course, Ruby Woo.

  • Lottied

    I’m a caramel complexion and I can easily wear a majority of reds, but my two favorites are Chanel “Fatale” and NARS “red lizard” loooooovee!!!!!

  • mochababe73

    I have been wearing red lipstick since I was allowed to wear make-up at age 14. Many in my family thought that I shouldn’t because it made my already big lips look bigger. Wear it anyway.
    My favorite shade used to be Miss Dish by Mac. I don’t even think that they sell it anymore.
    But for the summer, I only wear lipgloss. Too hot for lipstick.

    • Cara

      omg. Miss Dish is KILLER. You can find it at the Cosmetic Company Outlets!!

  • TP

    OMG! I’m an African American woman – medium brown skin with golden undertones – I too, love the Chanel ‘Fatale’ – it is wonderful! A deep, rich, elegant red!!

  • starqueen_78

    Tom Ford Cherry Lush – my fav red ever!

  • Roxy

    I loved the idea of red lipstick but i have never worn it outside of a dressing table experiment. I think i have a couple of years before i will really feel confident enough with the colour. I think i need to tackle a subtle version first, i love the colour in the picture. That is such a soft peachy, orange shade of red, like Beyonce in the Deja vu video. Did a bit of research, I think it is YSL Rose Paris 27, or its something similar. Its on my shopping list. I think it would give you a touch of Marilyn Monroe if your not quit confident enough to take on full on scarlet quite yet.