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Want It Wednesday: GANNI Knot Satchel

A great (affordable) alternative to the designer nylon bags we usually discuss

The hunt for the perfect nylon bag is ever-evolving. Nylon is one of the most versatile materials in the handbag world. Not only is it lightweight and stylish, but it is also incredibly functional. It’s very easy to clean, meaning a nylon bag is one you don’t have to baby, and its casual feel makes nylon super easy to wear and style. Nylon is the perfect grab-and-go material, which is why it is a material we keep coming back to.

While many people immediately think of Prada when they think of a designer Nylon bag, and yes, this is an area where Prada shines, there are so many other options out there. The latest Nylon bag on my lust list is not from Prada, however, and it’s not even from one of the brands we usually cover.

Yes, if you read the title of this post, you guessed it, I’m talking about the GANNI Knot Satchel.

The Sleek, Stylish, GANNI Knot Satchel

Ganni Green Knot Bag

GANNI Knot Satchel
via Shopbop

Over the weekend, I was enjoying the beautiful fall weather with a few of my college friends. Up walked my old roommate, and before even saying hello, my eyes darted to her bag. “What, you don’t tell me when you buy things anymore!?” I exclaimed as I grabbed her new green GANNI Knot Satchel. Thanks to its trendy green color, the bag instantly caught my eye, but the exaggerated knotted details really sold it. I immediately wanted to know more and asked where she got it and what the price was. The bag is a great size for every day, roomy enough to house your phone, cardholder, key, and more. It is also a great value, retailing for just $255!

Offering both a top handle and crossbody wear, the green was what stopped me right in my tracks, but once I saw the bubblegum pink, I was hooked. For those looking for a classic black nylon bag, GANNI offers that as well. The nylon used is made from a recycled material that helps divert plastic from landfills, and it’s a simple yet stylish bag with distinctive knot-embellished details. I simply must have it.


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