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The PurseBlog team is growing! We recently hired a new Director of Marketing and Sales, Hilary. You will get to know Hilary more through PurseBlog posts (and follow her on Twitter too!). This week we are changing up Want it Wednesday by having Amanda, Hilary, and myself tell you each of our favorite things of the moment. From a funky floral pair of jeans to black and silver sandals to a great new bag, we are sharing with you our PurseBlog team wants this Wednesday.

Megs | Current/Elliott The Floral Stiletto Jeans | $214 via ShopBop
Floral jeans are a huge trend for spring and this vintage-y Current Elliott pair is calling my name. Yes, they look like an old couch pattern, but that is part of the allure. With a simple top, brown sunnies, and a great pair of shoes, I want to go from wandering the streets to cuddling up on the (matching?) couch in these sure-to-be-comfy jeans.

Amanda | 3.1 Phillip Lim Domina Sandals | $395 via Net-A-Porter
I got so excited about these sandals that I had to write about them yesterday for TalkShoes, but how quickly this pair has risen to the top of my wish list definitely qualifies them to be my Want It Wednesday obsession as well. My wardrobe is so utterly steeped in black, even in warm weather, that sometimes finding sandals can be a little difficult. I really don’t like to wear brown or tan at all if I can avoid it (Megs and I clearly differ on this point!), and how often do you see a summer sandal without, at the very least, a tan base? Hardly ever. Not only do these Phillip Lims fit perfectly with my personal color palette, but the minimal, slightly futuristic look is an unexpected treat during warm weather, when most people’s personal styles swing toward the exact opposite.

Hilary | Reed Krakoff Gym Bag | $1,090 via Saks
I’m obsessed with this Reed Krakoff Gym Bag – its the perfect combination of sporty and upscale. I’m not exactly planning on using it for the gym, but it’s the ideal carry-everything bag for the work week or for use as a travel carry on. Also important to note: the cross body strap. Hands-free bags are ideal for texting, Instagramming (is that a verb yet?) or answering all those emails while out and about.

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  • Groupthink7

    I remember flower jeans. I had a pair back in 1986.  I am showing my age.  I don’t think I can revisit that trend.

    • angie

       I’ll 2nd that….

  • AshleyG

    Totally off topic, but Amanda is that you?! You’re adorable girly! :-)

    • AmandaMull

      Thanks! That’s me indeed. I usually wear big hipster glasses, though. 

      • Abbi

         No amanda dont hide your eyes they look stunning!
        ps megs you look like your having fun and looking forward to some more posts from hilary :D:D:D:D:D:D

  • mlle p

    Same here, Groupthink7 – I had some in the 80’s also.  Once was enough – at least for the light colored ones!   I vote for Hilary’s pick, the Krakoff.

  • 19yearslater

    I like all of these! I’d especially like to add a pair of floral jeans to my wardrobe. 

  • susan

    I love my RK Gym bag…it is wonderful.  I too remember floral jeans the first time around and those sandals are great