Juicy Couture Velour WalletDear Juicy,

I was a fan of you from the start. Your track suits were perfect to lounge in and super comfy. Not to mention having fitted casual pants was amazing for my rear assets. I watched the Juicy Track suit trend explode, which is of course great for you, but became a bit of an overstated suburbia house wife trend. Still, you were doing ok. Then came your handbags. Yikes. Most are a struggle with a few ok’s in there. Now I see your ‘new season’ fug, the Juicy Couture Velour Wallet which resembles a cheap steam press on logo along with a crown. Gag. Not letting this one go, Juicy added a quirky ‘Mad money’ slogan by the coin section which is cute enough but really does not make up for the rest of the bag. Shape, size, color, materials, and the theme are all wrong. Granted this wallet is only $65 via Net-A-Porter, but I’d rather save that money to pay for a zipper of a seriously hot bag. Please Juicy, go back to the basics, it makes life easier.


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