Versace Baroque Print PVC Tote, $1125 via Net-a-Porter

At first, I had no issue with the Versace Baroque Print PVC Tote. The yellow-on-white pattern may not be my personal taste, but it’s the kind of strong, intricate visual for which Versace is known, so I can’t fault them for pursuing that aesthetic. What I CAN fault them for, though, is charging over a thousand dollars for a very basic tote that’s not even real leather.

I don’t like to dogpile criticism on any brand, even Versace, so normally the post from earlier this week about the exceptionally horrid metallic pink bag would have been the last thing I had to say on the matter for a little while. When it comes to bad pricing, though, I just can’t keep my mouth shut and be the bigger person. That much money for a PVC bag is a ripoff of the highest order. (Are you listening, Stella McCartney?)

I don’t care how you market it, PVC is not a high-end material. It’s not even remotely based on anything that appears in nature, manufacturing it is terrible for the environment and some research indicates that it contains carcinogenic chemicals. It’s gross, in addition to usually being a very cheap-looking (and it looks that way because it is cheap) alternative to leather. I understand that Stella McCartney has at least a somewhat reasonable explanation for why she doesn’t use leather, but Versace has no such thing.

Personally, I find this bag’s existence and its price disrespectful to Versace’s loyal customers. They must think you guys are idiots, that’s really the only explanation for charging that much for a basic tote made out of the same stuff as those bags at the cart in the mall. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1125.

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  • Mama M

    It’s ugly at any price, in any material. I don’t get the pink straps, and the pattern looks like wallpaper from a Vegas hotel in the 1960s.

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      Absolutely agree. If I say any woman carrying this hideous thing, I would probably whisper the insult, ‘wallpaper-bagger’ or something of the sort!

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        oops, meant to type ‘saw’, not ‘say’….

  • elllaa

    gee that looks like the bathroom wallpaper of my great-great the pink handle and the bling is just not right..

  • rose60610

    I don’t care for it at all. I question if it’s some kind of quasi takeoff on the discontinued “Babylon” bag from LV, but at least that one had many things going for it, unlike this one.

    Between this and the other Versace pink bag featured this week, you have to wonder what’s coming next. Some designers are very flamboyant and “cutting edge”, but I think these two examples smell of some designer who’s in a desperate situation and forced to come up with “something different” at any cost, totally missing the mark.

  • Laura

    Ugly!!! I wouldn’t buy it even if it were on sale. Not even $100

  • Bagolicious

    U-gly! And the price is SHAMEFUL!

  • Rasheedah

    Thanks for calling out Stella McCartney also. I’ve never understood why her bags cost as much and if not more than leather bags. I appreciate the environmental concerns but there isn’t any reason a PVC bag should cost more than $500 (I think $500 is also too high, but at least in the high end bag world it would be considered a mid-price point).

  • katia

    Pfff, it’s not because your a high end brand you shouldn’t do your best anymore. This would be an it bag in the old people home.

  • Lori

    They need to get out of the purse business. Wow, so ugly.

  • Sandra Rowley

    Lately Versace has come up with a couple nice bags….but I agree that is not the norm for them. Their bags are all to often not up to par and way to expensive for what you get. This is one is no exception. Who is going to spend $1125.00 for canvas? Of course, people spend a lot of money for Stella McCartneys faux offerings…go figure.

  • Marie Martell

    This bag looks so cheap and the design is hideous!
    I’m sorry… Would love some followers, Thanks!

  • DorianGray

    As a Versace fan I was disappointed when I read the price for this PVC bag in this post, it was indeed so wrong for a non-leather item. I checked it in the european version of Net-a-Porter and the price IS DIFFERENT! In Europe the price of this bag is “just” €650 ($763)! I don’t know why; maybe Net-a-Porter USA misses the right price. Could this be an explanation Amanda? Which one is the right price?

  • melodymouse

    Vile… any price.

  • 19yearslater

    ergh, weird. The pink handles don’t match and they shouldn’t have made a PVC bag in the first place, let alone sold it for that much money.

  • mia from

    For a simple tote, I think the pattern works – and I kind of like the baby pink handle too. This isn’t my personal style but it’s something that’s more for the vibrant and bold. But I agree – the price is a little high but at the same time, Chanel charges $1500 for a poorly made coated canvas flap that looks worse. =/

  • mochababe73

    I like the color combination of the gold pattern and pink handle. However, I agree with you about Stella McCartney and the price of her bags. This one is falling into that category as well. It just seems like an exorbiant amount of money for pvc because, at least for me, it feels tacky and cheap to the touch. Can you imagine what kind of LEATHER bag that you can buy for that price?

    • Alexandra Davidoff

      I can definitely imagine what kind of LEATHER bag I would buy for that price – BALENCIAGA! (oh, wait, I’d still have to add a couple of thousand…oops!) But seriously, fake leather (faux, pvc, pleather, vegan, PLASTIC….) isn’t worth designer pricing and never will be no matter what excuse a designer puts on it. PS – my Guess purse, which I got for a little over $20.00 on sale, looks more expensive than this thing.

  • Bir

    Hmmmm I think the world Versace once took by storm no longer exists their basics are beautifully made but bags are not a forte for this Italian house. That said the idea of this bag is not that lost too me as a summer bag it may just work as an accent to simple outfits and in all honesty …….. The price is a bit wrong for the concept but then a Louis vuitton never full or a goyard st Louis are also very badly priced!

  • Ladyash

    I really love the pattern of the purse, but dislike the pink straps and price :(

  • J Umm

    no thanks, i dont want a bag made of wallpaper.

  • The Decor Girl

    PVC is one of the worst components fabricated. It is bad for the people making it, using it and you are right in terms of fashion: cheap. PVC is terrible for the environment in hundreds of ways.

    Fashion has never been about value, but for any price this bag is not fashionable.