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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Versace x H&M is the high-low collaboration of the season. Slated to debut at select stores on November 17, the collection includes everything from leather jackets and dresses to a few home goods, which is a first for H&M’s designer dabblings. What’s relevant to us, of course, is that the partnership has also produced bags.

Unfortunately, like the regular Versace line, the purses are the line’s low point. The collection includes a dress and jacket made out of real leather, which could possibly indicate that some of the bags are genuine as well (although I couldn’t find anything indicating their fabrication), but the hardware removes any doubt that what you’re carrying is from H&M. The rest of the collection has some very fun, colorful pieces, but the handbags just aren’t among them. As far as prices go, I could only find the price information for one of them – the small black studded bag, which worked out to about $110 from the British price list on which I found it. Pictures of the rest of the bags are after the jump.

(Also, a side question: Did anyone else glimpse the charm based on the traditional Versace trim out of the corner of their eye and think it was a swastika for a split second? Just me?)

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  • marinaharbour

    I love collaborations, I think they are fun and the prices are always good. Anyway Im not a Versace fan and I find the purses really kitch.

  • Melanie

    No, I thought that look like a swastika too for a brief second. And I hate the bags…

    • Samantha

      Me too on both of these points.

  • J Umm

    you can find all pricing info on fashionologie.
    and i agree, the bags are cheap looking but the clothes are pretty awesome. they are very similar to their most recent runway

    • Fashionologie has only listed the price for one of the bags, the one at top, which is $199. The bags seem to be among the most difficult pieces to find information on. Probably because no one wants to buy them…

  • mochababe73

    I am not a fan of Versace, but I like the first printed bag and the pink patent. For those prices, it’s probably not real leather.

  • Musette

    yes. stylized swastika, though I doubt that was the intention (hope not).

    The bags….ick

  • MizzJ

    UGGGGLY! These look like something you’d see on Jersey Shore. Prime example of when glam goes wrong.

  • Kat

    Aha. We now have an answer to the question “What’s uglier than Versace handbags?” – Versace for H&M handbags. Gross.

  • Bir

    When all is said and done !!!!! Comes HM with versace !!!!!! It’s like bad Vegas decor I just……….well let’s be civilized and leave it at that !!!!!

  • 19yearslater

    Wow, these are an eyefull. Even if they were made from the finest materials these wouldn’t be great.

  • kat

    Swastikas are based on the same greek motif .

  • Perry P

    The handbags don’t justify the whole collection. The collaboration is quite beautiful with leather dresses and jackets.

  • daphne

    refinery29 has the list of prices of the bags as well as photos of the rest of the collection! though i agree… i’m not a big fan of the bags. however the red dress for 70$ is gooorgeous.

  • polka dots

    I think the studded ones are really cute! They are real leather and sold out in a couple of hours.

  • Silvana Aquanda

    Howard much Price

  • Silvana Aquanda

    How much and How To buy this