Season after season, without fail, Valentino has adorned leather bags great and small with the tiny silver pyramids known affectionately as Rockstuds. Sometimes they’re just an accent, sometimes they take up the whole bag, but they’re always there, and until recently, they were always the same. For fall, Valentino Noir introduced us to a darker side of the girlish look, and now spring brings with it the exact opposite – lemony enamel studs on matching pastel leather.

Sweet pastels feel like a natural fit for the ultra-feminine Valentino aesthetic, and a change in both color and texture is a smart way to both extend that aesthetic and extend the life of the Rockstud brand by making the bags feel continually new. This particular bag would be a perfect option for early spring, when it just starts to get consistently warm and flowers are starting to bloom. We made the case yesterday for yellow as a huge warm-weather trend for 2013, and this bag would be a great way to start that off.

Do you like the enamel-covered studs, or would you prefer your yellow Valentino bag with silver accents? If you prefer the enamel, watch out – it comes with a price increase attached. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $4,095.

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10 years ago

I think that Valentino bags (actually the brand as a whole) produces beautiful well made products. Love the rockstuds in both variations.

10 years ago

I love the rockstud line but I do not like the enamel covered studs on this bag I saw pink and green IRL. I thought the enamel covered studs make the bags look cheap, it made the studs look like plastic. The Nior line was stunning I hope they bring it back this f/w season.

GG Pastel