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  • DorianGray

    I’m a Valentino fan but not now. Ugly.

  • Jade

    You’re sure this is Valentino not Versace?!

  • kevin kim.

    This does remind me a little of Versace, the last tote is tasteful,
    the griffin clutch looks cool too,

  • laura

    I agree, very Versace-looking bags. I’m not sure I like that. I’ve always liked Valentino for its ladylike designs, even the Rockstud collection is feminine and classy with an edge. These are great bags but they don’t look like Valentino at all.

  • Jen

    Loving the fringe

  • Jen

    Loving the fringe

  • Sandra

    In my opinion Valentino is the one designer that across the board saved the spring shows….I really love the totes with the round gold button studs…. The fringe is not really my style but doesn’t every designer have to step out of their “usual” and try something new??

  • tuftufwang

    Very ugly

  • Jane

    I like the clutches with the side metal handle, but if you want that to be a unique design element you would want the silhouette of the bag to be simple so you can see the clutch hanging. Well at least I would want it to be simple because you wont see the cool hanging of the bag with all those fringes. To me the fringes look sloppy I wish there was a little more thought in them then just put them all over the bag and I don’t like the length of the fringes either. I really like the dark maroon redish tote with the golden button hardware. I do agree with everyone and see a little bit of Versace in some of the bags.

  • Abbi

    Not their best bags however this new ‘trend’ theyre going with has a lot of potential IMO. I loved the flats in their shoe collection so im excited to see what next season theyll bring us!

    Any chance there is a Dolce & Gabbana post coming soon?

  • Jennie M.

    I glad that they did make an effort to do something other than rock stud but to follow up with this collection is a little perplexing. The diseased looking cow hide tote with the Greek studding is horrid to look at (I’m so sorry. I don’t mean to offend but this is how I feel when I look a the bag). The others bags are a mash up of Versace, Nancy Gonzales with a splatter of Ysl. They are so focused on the cloths that they forgot that their bread and butter are the bags + accessories and when the bag sales are lacking then what? More people can afford the bags and shoes than the cloths. What were they thinking? Weren’t they the head designers for the accessories department?

  • Abby

    I guess I’m the opposite of everyone, because I’m not normally a Valentino fan, but I love these bags! Especially the scarab clasp on the first one.

  • TL

    I commend Valentino for showing me something i hate (EX: Studs and lucite) and making me like it. These bags are definitely a departure from the demure lady that Valentino is born from. But I do still love them. Also, thank god they moved away from the stud. I can’t tell you how badly I want to throw up when I see that stupid Kenzo tiger of those awful Givenchy sweatshirts.