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  • Ingri

    Love #14, but does it not look a bit like the Givenchy Shark bag?

  • Jennyfir

    I like the bags, but I’m all about those dresses and outerwear, lovely!

  • Guest

    I really like it!

  • Lori

    Why are they carrying the bag with the handle within the handle. You can’t get a good take on it. Really want to see the bag properly carried before deciding. I do love that they aren’t overly embellished!

  • Fawcett Proust

    The bag in slide 10 is my favorite. Definitely would be interested in buying. I’m not crazy about the flap bag.

  • kk

    #s 10,09,07 birkin and kelly hybrid?

  • Sparky

    About time they came up with some new shapes. Looking forward to see the materials, workmanship and detailing they have lined up.

  • FashionableLena

    I guess that one would have to wait on better pictures because you really can’t get a feel of the bag because of the STUPID way that they are holding it. I know that this is a show, but you’re still are supposed to be presenting a product to buyers.

  • Ping Yan

    putting a handle on the flap is such a bad idea! guess that’s why you have to carry the bag in a such strange way?

  • Vicky

    Bags these days are not made to last or the designer must expect women to carry minimum judging from the way the handles are attached to the body of the bag. I guess I’m not the one they design for.

  • CarrieK

    These past few posts on purse blog makes me sad…I’m seriously worry about the future of Dior, Givenchy, & Valentino…

  • Best of best collection. I really like all dresses.

  • Jerri R

    That’s a stupid way of carrying a two-handle bag