Valentino Floral Applique Satchel Oh, Valentine’s Day. It’s coming soon, I think. What? Less than a month. Oh, ok. So, really soon. Time to start trying to poach yourself a man, ladies! Or, for those that already have a man (or simply prefer the love of a beautiful handbag to a man), Valentino (what an appropriate name!) has created one of the most Valentines-appropriate bags I’ve ever laid eyes upon.

The Valentino Floral Applique Satchel is more than just a theme-y bag, however, and it may be pure coincidence that it should come on the market right now (although, probably not. Marketing people know better than to not exploit the holiday opportunity with a design like this). Entirely covered in tightly-packed silk roses, the construction of the tote’s exterior is amazing, and the finishing is ever so slightly rough, lending a fashionable edge to something that could very easily become a bit twee. Or really twee. The ombre finish of the silk roses gives a depth of color that also help avoid the kitsch and make the tote wearable more than just 1 day per year. Handbags of this type are where fashion teeters between function and art, and I’m more than comfortable toeing the line. Be one of the first people to own this handbag, pre-order through Nordstrom!

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  • Anna

    This bag is stunning!!! I love it!

  • Kaytey

    …I think this is fug.

  • Ali

    Beautiful – I love it!!!

  • coco


  • Shorty

    fug i say lol

  • Pippi

    That is pretty amazing. I love the color shading and texture.

  • Cat

    gorgeous! i want this bag!

  • Free

    I think this bag has a lot of personality. I would love to have it on my site ( so if there’s anyone out there who gets it and decides it’s not their type of hype, we always welcome hand-me-downs over here! I doubt I’ll get it in time for Valentine’s Day though… Darn it!

  • Shoppa Holique

    I thought I saw a similar bag at the fug bag section of this blog…

  • Rosemary

    This is one of the ugliest bags I have ever seen. With designer bags it’s like they are either really ugly or really gorgeous. Sometimes I feel like people like all of them just because they are expensive. Don’t get me wrong, I like LP, Chanel, and a few other designers most of the time, but not always. But like a typical Gucci bag is always fug to me and I don’t get why most people like them. I have found way cute bags at the GAP that I would rather carry than this ugly bag or the signature Gucci bag. This is worse than Gucci, this is soooo bad.

    • Girlwithtaste

      You’re an idiot! What’s “fug” about a rose covered purse? Ugh some people have way too much time on their hands…obviously!

  • Sara


    It’s a piece of art, I want it….

  • Kay

    I love this bag. My husband bought it for me for Christmas in the grey and pink. It’s stunning…

  • Forint

    I bought this for my wife in December and it’s one of the few bags people stop her to talk about and touch it.

  • Leah

    love…love…love…love…love…must possess

    Valentino makes me want to sing!!!

  • Timothy

    I have two bags left at Saks. Email if you are interested. This bag is from Fall Runway and you won’t find it much longer

    • Ashley

      Do you still have this bag? Is it on sale?

  • Anneka

    Now this is a designer bag. There is something about spending money on something that’s different and unique and not available on the high street, too many bags these days just don’t say special. Whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit it has expensive taste written all over it. It won’t take a genius to figure out that didn’t come from Primark!

  • Asil

    Obscenely beautiful; lovely. Emotion emanates from it. It’s a work of art. It’s got WOMAN written all over it. It’s the kind of luscious bag that would make you feel like a million bucks when wearing it, like you’re the most beautiful woman around regardless. And suddenly the streets of your mundane little town feel like those of Paris or Rome, etc.. I quite like the brown/black one, though really love all the different colors. Photo doesn’t do justice…. I could go on an on! And normally I detest faux flowers.

    • Girlwithtaste

      LOVE the way you described how this bag makes a woman feel when wearing it!! SOOO true…

  • Asil

    Also, definitely not kitsch, which is rather brilliant given that it might easily have been. Attests to Valentino’s mastery, I suppose.