I like to laugh. But for obvious reasons, laughing at a bag it not usually a good sign. Nor is the flurry of mental activity that accompanies the single thought, “What was she thinking?” This is pretty much what went though my head when I saw the Valentino Bow Shopping Tote. Now I admit, I once succumbed to a patent leather bag in order to emulate Lilly from the kid’s book Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse (maybe this is why I’m into bags?). But that bag did not have an obnoxious bow on the front as this Valentino does.

Valentino Bow Shopping Tote

This huge bow is unlike cute bows on purses- it is wrapped around the front of the tote in such a way that it looks like a wrapped-up present. The gathering, the red, the bow, the patent- it’s like Valentino was trying to enter the bag in a pageant. Now, this is all assuming the bag is red, but notice that is also comes in black. It’s decidedly less ridiculous, but I still can’t see this bag hanging casually off someone’s shoulder. At least it solves the perpetual problem of what to wear on a rainy day- the glossy coated canvas does look as though it could repel water. Buy through Saks for $895.

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  • purly


  • renee

    I love this! And the first thing I thought was, “Ooooooh, a big present!!!!” Hahahhaha!

  • Jen

    Oh my. It looks like a “free with purchase” tote.

  • Free

    It’s a shopping tote. Translation: Not a real purse and if you really want to look crazy you can have a cashier put your groceries in it.


  • Free

    Hey, if you do decide to use it for your groceries, maybe you won’t look crazy, just super-duper-duper high maintenance.

  • linda

    Very nice the Valentino Bow Shopping Tote. I love it !

  • Sarah Julie

    I agree with Jen… Hate to say it but it DOES look like something you get free when you buy 3 items of cosmetics… Which you give straight to your little cousin (the nasty bag not the cosmetics obviously)… Having said that, if Lady Ga-Ga was rocking it, it would probably look ace.! But she isn’t, so it doesn’t.

  • Mandy

    Agree on the free-gift-with-purchase comments…lol. I have never been a fan of Valentino bags. Maybe this is an example of why.

  • Jess

    I cant see anybody really liking this bag.
    Valentino makes faboulous dresses, but they have abosolutely no taste when it comes to bags and shoes.
    They are too ugly, for as much as they cost.

  • Kristi

    I have this bag. I carried it to a business conference in Jan 09. And everyone loved it! It was perfect with my brown dress, cheetah roundtoe pumps (stewart weitzman). The red bag really added a pop of color and I LOVE it. I agree with Renee!

  • anne

    Valentino makes the most gorgeous and stylish bags ever. see them in person and u will think so too…..the liquid shine and bow is what makes it and sets it apart. it’s top end designer…the POINT is to be unforgettable and a standout. this is exactly what this label accomplishes…

  • susie

    I absolutely love this bag! I saw someone carrying this bag then happened upon it in a store at King of Prussia Mall. It’s wonderful! The nay sayers haven’t seen it in person I guess!

  • Erin

    love this bag.

  • Vlada

    HATE IT!!! I can’t believe my mom paid so much money for this item. Even she hates it!!! Its made out of plastic and looks stupid!!! I have 3 pairs of valentino bow shoes and it looks like they made a mistake releasing this bag!!! They don’t even match!!!