When I first saw the Valentino Primavera Water-Resistant Tote, I was really surprised. Not that the bag existed or was being marketed for rainy days – no, that made perfect sense – but that we don’t see a lot more of the exact same thing.

Chanel in particular has released a number of flap bags that come with their own rain coats in recent years, but other than a nylon tote here or there, most brands don’t take on the challenge of designing for bad weather. I live in a city that gets more inches of rain per year than Seattle, and I, for one, appreciate Valentino’s effort on behalf of those of us who experience real weather from time to time.

There’s one notable problem with this design if it’s supposed to be used in the rain – the top doesn’t zip shut, it merely has a magnetic snap in the middle. That won’t be of much help if there’s more than a little precipitation, but at least the exterior of the bag won’t permanently spot from the moisture like many similarly colored leathers.

The flowers that adorn the bag’s exterior are signature Valentino and very well done, but for the price, I’d just buy one of the brand’s many beautifully detailed leather bags and carry a collapsible nylon tote in the bottom to shield it from sudden precipitation. Hopefully, though, more designers will take on the rain-resistent challenge and we’ll soon have more options when the weather forecast isn’t perfect. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2145.

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  • Claire

    So pretty, but so expensive!

  • Stacy

    I actually like this Amanda. Who knew. I usually never like anything that Valentino puts out. But why not put in a zip top instead of a magnetic snap?? Strange. It is a great idea and better executed than I would have anticapated for a non-leather bag, but still, the price makes me suck in my breath. $2145 for NON-leather *Gasp* I guess it takes time to make the flowers?? oh wait…we’re also paying for the name, of course. duh… ;) heehee

  • Hiew Mui

    veru feminine :) it match perfectly with Valentino pink dress with a black ribbon on it

  • scorpio

    its pretty but too much for a meerly canvas bag =/

  • merve

    I really like it too but for that price i prefer to shriek at signs of rain and stick my bag under my coat as you often have to do in London!!!

  • Rhea

    No offense, but the bag looks like something an old lady would bring with her… I dunno. Sorry, Valentino!

  • Mochababe73

    It doesn’t appear to be functional. With the chintzy strap and the fact that it doesn’t zip closed. I know that this is Valentino, but let’s be real. It’s nylon. For that price, I can get my dream bag, Marc Jacobs Stam.

  • shopper

    I agree with Mochababe. How is this supposed to be functional? Not having a zip to close is impractical if you plan on taking this purse out in any sort of percipitation. All that aside, I do think the purse is pretty and the flowers do look very well done. I would love to take this purse out and about (But only on a day with no chance for rain!)

  • Paulina

    Ooh, I’m not usually a huge fan of Valentino, but that is gorgeous & so feminine.

  • David

    Agreed that it’s annoying that it doesn’t zip shut…but, then again, they do say that it’s water resistant…not water proof. i highly doubt they’re expecting you to go hiking in the rainforest and have the bag protect everything…with an umbrella, it would probably do the job just fine…

  • Jelita78

    i knew i could count on valentino for a gorgeous floral tote..
    i’m absolutely liking this a lot! (ipad)

  • Ellen

    I am not much of a fan of Valentino bags, but if I were to have one, it certainly would not be this one. It seems pointless to have intricate detail on such a cheap fabric. (ipad)