I’ve always been a bit of a magpie. I’ve probably owned more pairs of silver shoes than black in my adult life, I’m prone to buying costume jewelry that doesn’t fit my personal style just because it’s so fun and crystal-covered that I need to have it in my possession, I own a shameful tube of glitter eye-liner. We all have our crosses to bear. Unsurprisingly, when the Valentino Glam Lock Crystal Bag popped up late last week, it was like a shot of serotonin straight to my brain’s pleasure centers.

Valentino has done these kinds of jewel-encrusted bags in the past, but this one, with its muted use of silver, gold and ivory and signature studs amidst the hardcore glamour, might be my favorite. It’s the kind of treatment that almost any other designer would reserve for a tiny evening bag, but as a leather-based mini crossbody, this bag could conceivably be taken out for daytime use. If you’re the type of person who thinks it makes sense to eat dessert first because you never know what might happen during dinner, then maybe some serious bling at brunch would also be to your liking. This bag sold out in a matter of days, but it retails for $3,455 via Net-a-Porter, where you can still add it to your wishlist for notification when and if it becomes available.

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