At the time of this writing, our reader poll indicates that the majority of our readers are experiencing at least a bit of stud fatigue. It looks like no one told Valentino – almost all of the brand’s Spring 2011 handbags featured a stud of one sort or another.

As is Valentino’s predilection, the studs were mostly used in a small, decorative capacity as a part of larger, more ladylike designs. Perhaps surprisingly, the brand seemed to abandon entirely the intricate, abundant flowers and ruffles that have made it a star in the accessories world as of late. Surely this is only one part of the line that will eventually make its way to retail, but I hope that the brand has a few tricks up its sleeve that are more exciting than studded hand straps appear to serve no practical purpose off the runway.

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  • Sarah

    For some reason, I’m strangely attracted to the stud hand strap.

    • I think I’d love it on a clutch, but I just don’t get it on a shoulder-carried bag.

      • laura

        Totally agree with your thoughts here. The strap would be great on a clutch but is completely redundant on a shoulder bag.

    • Stylista

      Same here. Maybe because it’s a different idea, but it is strangely attractive.

  • bagstars

    Thank you for posting these pictures.This brand bags looks so concise,without the intricate accessories.

  • merve

    Im so sorry but all these bags look really dated. Just when Valentino’s forte of vibrant colours is on trend they go and produce this muted dull collection. I have no idea what the hand strap is for. It looks utterly bizarre. Where are the flowers and beautiful colours? This looks like a collection more suited to Fall 2009.

  • Kira

    Where do you guys announce your giveaway winners? I haven’t seen any posts for the Rocatella giveaway or the Coach giveaway….thanks!

  • Ingrid

    These bags do look dated. They seem to have lost their color and style. They certainly would look much better on a clutch. Lets see what they come with next. I am a handbag freak. Thanks for these pics

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  • guccibagstar

    the handbags on your store are so charming and many different style handbags bring us fresh feeling

  • Jamie

    ummmmm. not so crazy about this collection

  • Julia

    ooh i like the clutches. (ipad)

  • helen

    Wow – those are “don’t mess with me” clutches. (ipad)

  • Jen

    It’s a no go on these. (ipad)