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  • Monaco

    I love the Red Valentino Rock Stud bag! OMG! It’s so gorgeous with animal print pumps!

  • They’re both beautiful bags! *add to wishlist*

  • Personally, I think there are some good reasons these bags are featured by multiple bloggers. The first being that they are both sold online, which means the blogger can post a link to the actual bag or at least a very similar one. Also, how many of these bloggers are given these bags? Most bloggers are sent items to feature in their blogs by companies. I’m not saying that as a bad thing at all. Who wouldn’t like free designer items? This has been a great thing for bloggers and designers, but I’m not ready to jump on either bag’s wagon quite yet.

    • From what I know of these two brands’ gifting policies, I’d guess that a fair number of bloggers are buying the bags. To get a free bag from Valentino or Saint Laurent, a blogger would have to be nearing mainstream celebrity status–people like Chiara Ferragni or Aimee Song might be able to swing it, but the list is relatively short.

    • shueaddict

      Common fashion bloggers have their special place in influencing a certain amount of young women with time to spare to cruise the internet for fashion inspiration; they are also more relatable than celebrities (because they do have to pay their way, very often coming up with cute ways to mix high and low items). They do get gifted items but they tend to be local designers or the likes of H&M or Zara trying to sell the next fashion craze for less.

  • Chechechacha

    Haven’t we realized that most of these bloggers are “basic?” Im certainly not looking to them for ideas on which bags to buy!

    • ‘Basic blogger’ is one of my fav terms – but I think it just means something or some things are really beautiful and a lot of people are really loving it and using it often. However, as someone said, many bloggers are gifted items so you see a lot of the same items again and again

  • missarewa

    the Saint Laurent bag is okay but I don’t understand the hype about this particular Valentino bag