Loving Lately: Chic Designer Sacs

A basic carryall that's, well, anything but basic...

I don’t consider myself to be a minimalist by any means. I love color, unique details, and I like to have fun with my outfits. However, I find that an understated outfit with more minimalist pieces is a surefire way to look chic.

As much as I love mixing and matching prints or wearing a bright outfit, I revert back to the basics with an elevated touch when I’m struggling to put together a look. I’ve found myself reaching for more muted hues lately.

Maybe it’s just a mood I’m in, or maybe I’ve subconsciously been influenced by some sort of trend that shall not be named. You know, the one that’s first word rhymes with diet. Whatever the reason, I’ve been reaching for neutral colors a lot more lately.

I’ve even been favoring boots or loafers over the sneakers that typically rule my life. Am I exiting my sporty-girl era and entering a new style era? My latest obsession might point to yes.

Chic-Girl Era

For the minimalists among us (or the struggling maximalists), there’s really no better time to add a bag with clean lines and simple details to our rotations. If you’re sick of seeing The Row Margaux Bag everywhere (or if you’re simply unable to get your hands on one), I’m about to turn you on to the latest sleek silhouette I can’t stop obsessing over.

Enter the top handle tote.

Alaia Folded Tote
Alaia Folded Bag, $1,890

While true minimalism is achieved when a bag is so incognito that it remains almost impossible to identify, and not all of the bags below echo that statement, I still find the simple silhouette of a top-handle tote incredibly stylish.

Khaite’s Hudson bag offers a relaxed semi-structured shape that can be folded over or literally toted by hand. In contrast, the Alaïa Folded Bag offers the addition of a shoulder strap. Saint Laurent’s version does bear its distinct YSL Cassandre hardware, but truthfully, I like the YSL logo and find it to look chic.

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LV Epi Noctambule
LOUIS VUITTON Epi Noctambule
$530 via Fashionphile

The vintage lovers among us should opt for Louis Vuitton’s Epi Noctambule. This is actually where my obsession began when I saw one sitting atop a table at Cassetta, a local wine bar in my neighborhood, and remembered that this bag exists.

Practical or not, a chic sac is the latest addition to my lust list.


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