Suede is a material I used to be terrified of wearing, and I would actively avoid bags made in this beautiful yet delicate material. As I’ve grown my handbag collection over the years, I’ve embraced suede and have added a few pieces to my collection. Yes, I still get nervous occasionally while carrying my suede, babying them, and checking the weather beforehand has served me well in safely wearing this material.

Another thing I have learned? Suede isn’t quite as delicate as I once believed. I carried my Polène Numero Un in Burgundy with a suede top in an unexpected rain shower a few days ago. I admittedly had a mini panic at the moment, but the bag dried just fine. I was sure to pat it down with a dry washcloth when I got home, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it dried back to normal. I’m not suggesting you should regularly get your suede wet, but the moral of the story is that suede can be more sturdy than you may believe.

For me, suede is synonymous with cool, cozy weather. I love pulling out my suede pieces when the autumn air hits, and I knew I was on the hunt for another suede bag to add to my collection this season. Since the end of August, I have been stalking the latest suede handbags, and I found some excellent options this year! I’ve rounded up my favorites below. It was so hard to narrow it down; there are just too many good choices right now.

Do you have a favorite suede bag? Tell us about it in the comments!

Polene Numero Un
via Polene
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