Bag, Borrow Or Steal Purse Rentals Movie rentals, tux rentals, car rentals and now purse rentals?? Seems totally outlandish, but actually who came up with such a brilliant idea? Although we all want to be like the famous quad from Sex and the City, face it girls, we can’t always have a different bag for a different day, attitude, outfit, and occasion.

So the brains behind Bag, Borrow or Steal have devised a one of a kind idea in purse rental. You can either sign up for Diva, Princess, or Trendsetter status; Diva being the most expensive bags. Within your status (determined by the price you pay for your monthly fee) you can rent a bag for as long as you want. And when you decide you need a change, send the bag back and choose a new bag. The idea behind the concept appeals to the girls who want to keep up with the always changing purse trend for each new season. So I say why not?

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  • EllaBrake

    I think rent a purse is a good idea

  • Cheyanne Williams

    I think this is a GREAT IDEA!!!!! Everytime a new purse comes out I want to get it. Of course there are times when I can’t because of the price. I think with a program like this I will always be able to have something new. I know for a FACT that my husband will like this program too!!!! This way he can save the hundreds of dollars that I spend when I see something new. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get this program up and running.

  • billyjoe

    totally cool

  • Suellen Zimet


  • Sara Townsend

    Ok, yes gerat idea BUT 10-15 dollar membership a month plus 20 bucks to rent for ONLY 7 days with shipping time included in those days. Yeah, no. Anyone out there know a better deal?

  • Kaitlin

    Yea, the cheapest membership is $19.99 or so, and it costs $9.99 for round trip shipping. Se essentially your paying ten dollars per purse that you get (which by the way you dont keep to keep) and twenty dollars a month. Plus, you only get one purse at a time unless you want to pay like $50 dollars for membership AND then the shipping fees. GREAT IDEA!! but, I think that this trend will need to pick up some more until the prices start to lower.

  • LaCerulean

    As I came from other countries where people are high in fashion and accessories, I would say, this is such an old idea! Renting a purse? Hmm, if you can’t afford it then don’t do it.

  • Jenny

    Okay, so it’s odd to rent a purse, but it’s a trend that I don’t think will stop. Check out, because it has a link to rent a purse company called, Shoulder Candy that is based in Canada. This company doesn’t require a membership or monthly fee. It gets’ balanced off by the over 30 dollar rental range, but at least you don’t have to commit some money in advance.

    I personally wouldn’t rent a purse, but I’m sure there are ladies out there that would…I mean, these companies still exist and operate!

  • Julie

    Bag Borrow or Steal is not the only handbag rental company. I use From Bags to Riches. They don’t require membership and are really great to work with. I have never had a problem with a bag being out of stock and a lot of their bags come with the price tags still on. I used to use Bag Borrow or Steal, but I switched to From Bags to Riches because they are a little cheaper. You might want to give them a try…

  • Michelle Forsberg

    Recently had my first experience with a purse rental through The purse was brand new and reasonably priced. No membership fees or monthly fees and 14 day rentals. Very nice and professional people to deal with! This seems to be a much better overall scenario than the others mentioned above.

  • Kristen

    I just checkout out the site There bags are all REALLY OLD styles, stuff that you can get on clearance at Bloomies or Nordstroms websites. In my opinion if you are going to rent a bag you want something that isn’t from the clearance table or you might as well just buy it yourself.

  • Bagaholic

    I to went to I found they had a nice mix of older (hello.. vintage is in) style bags that I have never seen at any clearance table, believe me I am a bagaholic! They also had newer style bags I have seen in all the dept stores as well. I did end up renting a Coach bag and will let everyone know how it goes. Stay tuned.

  • Shannon

    Is this service available in Canada?

  • tella

    I have been doing some research trying to find someone in Canada that does this.
    There is only one that I can find and that is Shoulder Candy.
    Unfortunately although everywhere u read says they have a large selection, they don’t. They have all of 24 bags, more than half are taken already.
    There were a entire 8 bags to choose from.
    Hmmmmmm I see a business opp here.

  • vero

    You can finally rent a designer handbag in Europe. It took some time but they are there :o)))

    The website is called: They are covering France, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg.


  • Sunnyday

    I’ve recently heard of a new designer bag rental company called Actually they have
    a pretty good selection, and you don’t have to become a member if you don’t want to.
    I’ll be renting a couple bags for a wedding, I’ll let you guys know how this one is.

  • Divia

    Hello there fellow baggers, does anyone know of a site that ships to Canada?

  • Julia

    O.k. so for everyone in Canada who is looking for a rental purse company I’m curious to know where in Canada you guys are located?…I have started a company out of Ontario, shipping throughout Canada and hope to have it up and running by the end of the year.
    I’ll post the website once it’s up and running and hope it will help you guys out!!

    • deb

      did you end up launching a purse rental out of toronto?

  • tella

    Ok Julia…………please let us Canadians know ASAP.
    I am dying to get one of these sites in Canada.
    I’m Western Canada region.
    I checked out shoulder candy again today and they have only 2 available to borrow and still only 24 total.
    Someone could make a lot of money setting this up. Esp. if they do it well and before bag,borrow and steal get here.
    Best of luck.
    In the meantime anyone knowing of another Canadian site, please post it.

  • tella

    Ok, so I have since found another Canadian bag rental site. They are in Montreal and seem to have a have decent selection (not huge).
    They seem rather pricey though. They charge monthly AND the rental fees are a bit steep.
    I think at those prices I’m better off buying the bag.
    But at least there is one and I am sure there are more to follow soon.

  • shel

    Me myself I tire of my bags quickly and like to change things up every season. The best way to update your look is to wear the clothes from last season with this seasons’ bags and shoes and switching up your bag every season can get costly. Even if you pay $165 month for lets say 4 months you decide to wear the bag you’re actually saving alot of money (in comparison to spending thousands for a couture bag of the season that you’re only going to wear for a few months anyway)provided the bag is in new condition I think its worth it. This way you can afford to wear the hottest style all the time. ships to canada.

  • jessica

    Another great company is just getting started in Canada. There are a few great bags to choose from, but they are adding more daily. Great for all of us Canadian bagaholics out there, and the prices are very affordable. the selection is from low – very high end.

  • Darlene

    I also found another company in Canada that rents Designer Handbags! Got 2 Have It! Handbags…

  • ilovehandbags

    RENTMEAHANDBAG have you heard of this new upcoming site called They are going to have one monthly flat fee for each level of handbags, with free usa shipping! They are also going to ship International! and they said they are going to rent designer shoes and clothing as well as handbags. you can have 2 items out and keep them for however long you want on each level. You can also rent them for a trial period of one week on any level. And when you sign up early they will give you 15% off promo code in there outlet store for as long as your member of rentmeahandbag. AND 50% off your first month rental! go check it out I heard they will launch in march! I use to shop on there ebay store at Luxury Designer Fashions.

  • Tara Sauvage7

    I would never rent a bag. I just recycle what I have.

  • Holly

    I have rented from many times. There is never any shipping charges or a monthly fees. They have so many available, gorgeous bags. And you can rent to own. If you are into renting, this site is the best. I’ve tried the others, but all the good bags are always unavailable.

  • Kristin

    Great Idea, Terrible Price. If you can afford to 1. pay the membership fee and 2. rent a bag for upwards of $40/week, then you can afford to buy one of these bags.

  • Dana


    i thought this was a really great idea when i heard about it for the first time out of Kate Hudson’s lips on Sex &the City!

    I was all “What????? Yayyyyy!!!!”

    But then, after visiting a few of these sites and realizing how expensive this could get, especially for a college student… And it would be just my luck to be a fan of large/x-large embellished bags!!!

    For any ladies NOT married to Jay-Z or Brad Pitt…
    This could become quite an expensive and idiotic addiction…

    I totally agree that it’s sooo much cheaper than actually BUYING the bags… HOWEVER, spending that much to APPEAR more spoiled that one actually IS is kinda crazy…

    On top of that, they are tres stingy with their points and don’t even have a “rent-to-own option”!

    In my humble oinion, I can spend my money on something far more important that I actually get to KEEP!

    I may look a bit further into it once I reach the “Upper Class” margin, because I’ll be able to afford it… and even then, I couldn’t justify spending 15,000 on ANY bag… Crocodile Kelly or NOT! lol

  • Vidhi Sheth

    Hi guys,

    I have started a rent-a-purse shop in Mumbai, India. All you girls who find renting a purse to match your outfit for the occasion, you can contact me on my e-mail, its…

    Waiting for you guys to come and check the store….

  • alisha

    this is cool I would be too afraid of ruining it with my luck Id probs spill wine all over it and have to payyyy

  • linda

    For Canadian Handbag rentals try Got 2 Have It! Handbags…. They ship across Canada and have a good selection with no membership fee.

  • Reg

    ………..what about other countries? I am looking for a place that would ship to Turkey. It would be great to have a company that was either based here or would ship here. Anyone know of anything???

  • alicap22

    Personally I love it…once you are over the bag you have, you move on to the next dream item until you’re tired of that one…and so on. They are all in fantastic condition…most you can buy if you LOVE it and don’t want to return it. It’s almost like lay-a-way…but also like a trial offer.

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  • Jodi

    A new Canadian handbag rental company is They have a the largest selection of designer items for rent that I have seen in Canada, with no membership rates and low shipping costs.

  • Jessica

    I’d love to win an (ipad)

  • Pearl

    I have to own my own things, I couldn’t rent something like a handbag (ipad)

    • mimi57

      agree’s all about showing off a high end bag–my young niece does this, she lives in NYC. It’s sad I think! I never had that pressure feeling to try and own $$$ bags and such when I was younger! and happy I didn’t grow up in this era!

  • Naggy

    There is no way that I’d spend money on a purse to rent when I can just own one at their ridiculous prices. (ipad)

  • KY

    I love the concept, but I couldn’t sent the bag back because I would problably love the bag too much (ipad)

    • mimi57

      me too agree!!!! lol

  • Ken Vien

    I’d love to win an (ipad)

  • helen

    I’d like to keep my bag. (ipad)