While shoe shopping yesterday, I encountered a sales associate that very much wanted to tell me all about the trends for Fall 2010. I worked retail in college, so I never mind letting someone do their sales spiel without interruption, even if I already know what it’s going to contain. This time, though, I had to stop the poor guy when he got to the part about studs. I’m so over studs. When I told him that, he made a face like I had just kicked his puppy and sounded appalled that I would make such a bold declaration.

I hadn’t given much specific thought to whether or not I still thought studs were cool, but when the sales associate was waving a pyramid-covered combat boot in my face that I had no intention of ever trying on, let alone buying, it became clear – I’m done with them. But is fashion done with the trend, and more importantly, are you? With the appearance of this Burberry Studded Leather Travel Bag on Net-a-Porter yesterday morning, it looks like some retailers hope we’ll buy in to heavy metal for at least a few months longer.

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This particular bag isn’t bad, it just looks like it should have come out a year ago. The shape and color of the studs give the bag a nice variable shine from a distance, and it’s fairly neutral, which always plays in a dying trend’s favor. But for a bag that big, it seems like so much metal would make the bag nearly prohibitively heavy to carry. Although if you like your accessories to double as weapons, you could probably beat up a potential mugger with this bag quite effectively. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $2195.

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  • 19yearslater

    I like this bag. I don’t have anything absolutely covered in studs because- ouch- but I don’t think I’m over the trend because I like a tough edge in fashion.

  • Raffaluv

    Oooh, I have this bag! Mine is the Burberry Prorsum Knights bag from a few seasons ago, it weighs a ton but I love it!! I’ve always loved studs, leopard prints etc – they go in & out of “style” so much I almost consider them classics!

    • Baglady

      Yes, I have my paten leather one from few seasons bag, it does weight a ton. I use it mainly as a travel carry on, fits nicely with a computer and room for change of cloth. I would consider getting s second one if not for the heavy weight

  • Linda

    My favorite designer for stud bags is Michael Kors. He keeps his bags refined and not too overdone. I can see his bags fitting in with the styles for years to come for this reason!

  • Just Jenn

    I love studded belts, but don’t think I would ever wear stud covered boots. I like studs, but not too many!

  • Serayane

    I’ve always loved studs and always will. That bag is very nice :)

  • Linda

    I like the look but the studs make the bags so heavy.

  • fuchsiafury

    What was Burberry’s 2008 Warrior bag, if not a leather bag with giant studs? I’m with you, Amanda – studs fail to elevate a bag for me anymore. Not to mention the weight that studs add to an already heavy leather bag. Next!

  • Staci

    I’m still loving studs when done right! ;-)

  • theWickedWitch

    This bag is pretty nice, maybe they’re finally getting studs RIGHT (I’ve been seein’ ’em for a while, but they are just starting to show up done in a way I think looks nice). I tend to avoid them because of the weight the invariably add to the bag, and I prefer to carry lighter purses. But I think they’ll look current for a while longer especially on bags like this with the satchel shape that’s pretty classic. Of coure, if you are “So over” them then why even bother wondering about them? Forget ’em and move onto to your next thing. Chasing trends always leaves you looking like last year’s sale rack, anyway. If studs are you, then they’ll look right for a good long while. If they’re not you, everyone will know that right away.

    • Well, I have to wonder about them in the context of fashion because trends are a big part of what we write about here. My personal taste rarely plays a controlling role in the things we cover. I’m completely “moved on” from studs, but if people still want to see them and read about them, we’ll still be glad to write about them.

  • Stylista

    Normally, I wouldn’t like something like this, but the studs have just that right amount of shine, and so I quite like this bag.


  • Demi

    This bag is probably one of the few studed bags I’ve ever seen and liked. I don’t own anything studed though. Afraid it may look very edgy and controversial when compaired to my usual and more classic fashion choices…

  • Mochababe73

    I like studs. To be honest, I don’t think studs are used to elevate any bag. There is a market for them. I like studs because they are a little edge for most of my girly outfits that I like to wear. I love the bag and wish that I have the means to purchase one.

  • OBoogie

    I love studs. I always have. Has nothing to do with trends for me.

  • MizzJ

    For the most part, I’m utterly over all-over studs and tire of seeing them splashed gratuitously everywhere, especially on bags. I have long ago retired my studded wristlet to be a makeup pouch inside my purse.


  • carmencatalina

    I’ve always liked studs, so they won’t ever be “out” for me. But then, neither will Doc Martens, so there you have it.

  • gatsby

    I knew studs were a short-lived trend and I avoided them like the plague.

  • Alya

    I think it’s all about personalities..if the bag suites your personality and lifestylfe then why should you be worrid about trend rules. Honestly I loved this bag at first site coz it’s so me, I also showed my friends and they agreed. I am considering getting it.

  • Loquita

    I am over the stud trend personally, but not because I don’t like them – I actually do like them, when they are used thoughtfully – what I AM tired of, though, is of designers cranking out the same old designs as last season and simply slapping studs on them in the hopes that we will buy them again. It strikes me as lazy, insulting to my intelligence as a consumer, and uncreative…and isn’t design all about creativity?

  • Ursula

    I never liked studded bags but I have to say some of these bags Burberry came out with for this season are quite stunning. I am still not sure about buying as it is not my style really but I might consider it seeing these bags.

  • Roe

    I had a Burberry Studded Rowen in Nickel a few seasons ago and I got rid of it. While I love the bag and it was straight off the runway. The bag itself weighed about 4 lbs empty. Go Figure. I just couldn’t continue using it. My shoulder would have never forgiven me.

  • marianne shaw

    I think this is the perfect bag for work and evenings out so it’s very stylish and versatile.

  • Julia

    cute, but seems like it would only be good for this season…not a classic. (ipad)

  • beanyce126

    its a lil too retro with the spikes, but it could scare away robbers some sorta a purse weapon(ipad)

  • helen

    Never owned a bag with studs myself, but I’m sure I could find the occasion if I had one. (ipad)

  • Jen

    I love it! (ipad)

  • twelfth street by cynthia vincent

    Love this bag! This is a high quality bag and amazingly they sold this for less. Great! And definitely I love the style too. . I hope you can have more features like this.Thanks for bringing it to my attention!
    twelfth street by cynthia vincent

  • AW

    I actually quite like this bag. Sure you wouldn’t know it’s a designer bag and it looks terribly heavy but quite stylish and punky.