Every year, Pantone picks a new color as a PR stunt to have us all talk about Pantone and colors for a week or two. Every year, it totally works. It’s a gimmick with staying power! Most years, the color selections seem a bit…off, at least by fashion standards. The last two have been a dark teal and a disappointingly middling shade of pink, neither of which had anything to do with the neon-a-gogo mood of the style industry in 2010 and 2011. For 2012, Pantone managed to get it right – the bright, saturated, orange-y reds that we’ve seen all over the runways for the past two seasons (and that were especially popular for Resort and Spring 2012) is 2012’s Color of the Year.

It’s technically called Tangerine Tango, but I see a lot more red than orange when I look at Pantone’s official swatch. Almost all of my friends have lamented this shade as a difficult one to wear, but that’s where being a handbag person comes in handy – you can wear it all you want, and since the color doesn’t sit near your face, it doesn’t matter if it’s flattering to your skin tone. Naturally, we have six handbag options in red-orange so that you can get a jump on 2012.

Bottega Veneta Maxi Veneta Hobo, priced $2700 via Neiman Marcus

Tory Burch Amanda Tote, priced $465 via ShopBop

Alexander Wang Marti Backpack, priced $850 via ShopBop

Proenza Schouler Extra Large PS1, priced $2350 via Net-a-Porter

Diane von Furstenberg Sporty Drew Tote, priced $495 via Net-a-Porter

Fendi Mia Mini Crossbody, priced $760 via Neiman Marcus

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  • Kat

    I love the Botega (of course I do), the PS1 and the Fendi. Although I’m still wary of the color.


  • katia

    I love love the fendi!!! And the botega and the PS1.

    Don’t really love the alexander wang, it has a kipling feel to it in red! The kipling colour

  • Chris

    I agree with the other two. Bottega, PS1 and Fendi are the best. And the Alexander Wang is indeed odd.

  • Peggy

    just got my brand new Celine mini luggage, in vermillon ( red-orange ), almost like PS1 here ( wish can send you the pic, so gorgeous!!), I am sooo ready for 2012:):)

  • Dana

    Love the Bottega! It’s a nice color but I don’t think I can pull it off. =/

  • rose60610

    Fendi gets my vote.

  • ninjaninja

    Ooo…love the Fendi.

  • ninjaninja

    Anybody remembers Samantha’s made in China Fendi?

  • ninjaninja

    Is it me or does the PS1 look really cheap in that color?

    • Jackie

      Not just you. It looks like crap! For a second, it made me question why I ever liked the PS1 in the first place… just for a second.

      • Alexandra Davidoff

        Definitely only just for a second……orange brings out the playfulness of the PS1.

    • Sil

      i thougth that too! it looks like fake leather, but maybe is the lightning?

      • Jackie

        Yes, the lighting, there could be no other reason!

  • marinaharbour


  • J Umm

    i dont like it…
    call me boring, but i love black

  • Nadia

    I’m LOVING that PS1, I really need to add one to my collection!

  • Nadia

    But luckily I have a bag in this color! For once I’m ahead of the curve!

  • FashionIsMyHobby

    My favorites are the Bottega and PS1.
    Love the bright pop of color for the dreary fall.

  • Shereen

    I love the Bottega and the PS1. I really need a PS1 in my life. =/

  • Samantha

    This post brings up the excellent point that handbags are a great way to play with color if you are uncomfortable with dressing in vivid colors.

  • Alice

    I actually think this colour looks best in small doses – like a juicy fruit that pops out suddenly. So my favorite will have to be the DvF purse :)

  • Jennie

    The PS1 sure looks tempting!

  • mia

    i love the fendi mia mini!! lol Aside from the design, it also shares my name! <3 Mia from olivesandcoke.blogspot.com

  • An4

    love the color!

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    Orange is definitely one of the most versatile colours in the handbag world – you can wear it during the summer, during the winter, during the fall, and especially during spring. It compliments many other colours, from black to blue to purple to red. It inspires smiles and gets other women staring.

  • Kasey

    I like the Fendi, it’s not too much of the color

  • Ruhee

    My fav is the BV one…I think it perfectly embodies Tangerine Tango…

  • mochababe73

    I like the Fendi and Tory Burch. I even like the Alexander Wang backpack, and AW is not my style. However, I am not a real fan of the color. It’s okay but not one that I would gravitate towards.

  • Kiki

    I’m so excited! The orange bottega bag I just purchased will look AMAZING with my Bolbach electric blue python cuffs!!!

  • Jessie C.

    Love this color, very pretty

  • Anita

    I like the Bottega and PS1 the best.

  • Nat

    I love that PS1. I love this color especially for lips. Wasn’t last year an ugly pink? Ugh. I love pink but the one they picked last year was very disappointing.

  • Kristina

    Love it. I especially love the PS1. I have a Minkoff MAC clutch in burnt orange (a very similar color to the tangerine above) and it’s the perfect pop of color!

  • Pauline

    Bottega and PS1… it’s like wearing Christmas >.<

  • Jackie

    I guess I’m among the few whose favorite of the bunch is the DVF. Still loving duffels and definitely loving red-orange.

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  • ninjaninja

    BV is classic, even in Halloween orange.

  • ninjaninja

    I generally don’t like huge logos, but Tory Burch’s logo looks kinda pretty.

  • ninjaninja

    The Alexander Wang is just terrible.

  • ninjaninja

    The leather on this DVF looks so buttery!

  • ninjaninja

    Why does this PS1 look cheap too?

  • Antonia

    Nice bag – lovely color.

  • ilaria

    Wonderful color, it’s a must even concerning nail polish :)

  • Rebecca

    Love the Bottega Veneta in this color. So stunning!

  • Mayan

    Not totally sold on the color… Though I do love the PS1 and Fendi…

  • Mari

    The PS1 is fabulous, as always, in any color!

  • Sil

    that’s a great color
    my fav is the Diane von Furstenberg one, i think it’d be a great bag for everyday use

  • sara

    i like this color! the proenza is my favorite.
    idk, i think the orange is gorgeous!

  • susan

    Orange has been my choice of color for at least 3 seasons. love it

  • Maggie

    This is a really popular colour, great choice!


  • Shana

    Love Tory

  • Alexandra Davidoff

    I would love to see a Balenciaga City in “tangerine tango”…….

  • Alice

    love these colors! Tory burch and diane von F. are the best for me

  • annika

    My Bottega Veneta Montaigne is in this color however, if you see it up close it’s more cherry red on it. It’s 2 years old already and i’m still lovin’ it! =]

  • Kathryn

    tangerine is such a pretty color, but I’d be afraid to get an expensive bag in such a bright color. most of my clothes will probably clash

  • Deborah

    Like most people, I like the Fendi, Bottega and PS1. Tangerine will be a Hot thing over here in S’pore. We need some bright colours to spice things up!.