Two’s a coincidence, three’s a trend. It’s not just a saying – it tends to be true, especially when the “three” in question is a trio of handbags from major luxury designers that all share the same sort of peculiar detailing. In this case, it’s snakeskin handles against a bag that’s largely made of regular leather, and Dior, Balenciaga and Givenchy have all bought in.

Snakeskin is a bit of a non-intuitive choice for handles. It tends to be more delicate and and show more wear than flat leather, and because handles get more direct use and contact than most of the rest of a handbag, snakeskin has often been relegated to accenting other design elements. Perhaps because handbag trends have made a swing toward the minimal, though, designers are starting to use it on one of the only distinct spaces a simple tote or satchel has left: the handles.

This sort of design tactic also has a practical purpose for a brand’s business: it creates a price level in between a full leather bag and a full exotic one, giving consumers the opportunity to step up without making a huge price jump. Check out the three most popular versions of the look below.

Dior Addict Tote
More Information via

Dior Addict Python Handle Tote

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Works Tote
$2,150 via Neiman Marcus

Balenciaga Padlock Nude Works Tote

Givenchy Ayers-Accented Antigona Bag
$3,690 via Barneys

Givenchy Ayers Accented Antigona Bag

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  • Sandy

    All 3 are beautiful bags. I am surprised that the Dior Addict does not seem to be very popular….I thought people would jump at the Dior with fun colors are great design at a better price point than the Lady Dior. I love the Antigona best…

  • Silversun

    I love the look, but you hit the nail on the head about the practical problems of snakeskin handles. Sadly I can’t see myself carrying them for this reason, unless by some miracle I come into large piles of cash and can just blow money on bags that might not last that long.

  • kindled

    I think the trend of snakeskin top handles should be always accompanied by a cross body or shoulder strap, like on the antigona. That way the top handles are just there to look pretty?

  • Newyorking

    I saw the Dior in-person, it is GORGEOUS!!! Especially the baby pink and royal blue. Royal blue has multi-colored snakeskin handle and looks so so so amazing. I fell in love with it. However, the price tag is very high, the snakeskin handle actually hurts to hold, it feels scratchy, and there are no pockets inside. So the bag is not functional and I don’t fancy holding something scratchy on my arm. There is also no other strap. So even though Dior has done an AMAZING job on the looks, I think functionality leaves much to be desired. I hope they improve upon these aspects and re-launch the bag, I would buy it!!

  • x3vann

    This can’t be good for someone who’s afraid of snakes :P.

  • Cathy Goodman

    boy those cost big bucks, sorry will stick with a walmart purse thank you. i love the blue one and the black one. but the price..

  • zarah

    Its really nice color.But i am very angry because this type of war bags have snake skin model.
    Bizbilla B2B portal

  • Design are wonderful, but one question i have in my mind that is snake were killed yo make this? It has been seen that large number of snake has been killed for their skin.
    Rajeev From BusinessVibes B2B Marketplace