I’ve resisted the fringe trend for quite a while now. I’ve posted a few examples of fringe bags that I like on PurseBlog Savvy over the past few months, but I wasn’t ready to come out and love the trend as a whole. I thought it was messy. I thought it was floppy. I thought it was a little too hippie-dippy for my personal taste. But then I saw Whitney Port carrying a fringe bag and my mind changed. Pretty much instantly.

Linea Pelle Janis Fringe Tote

And since then, I’ve decided that the fringe bag I’m mostly likely to invest in is the Linea Pelle Janis Fringe Tote. Unlike the rest of the Purse Blog crew, I’m not lucky enough to already have a fab Linea Pelle bag, but from what they’ve said, I know the leather on this one is going to be soft and wonderful and the bag will most likely be one I’ll find myself reaching for again and again. I think I like this bag above all other fringe bags because it’s so well-edited and comparatively understated. The fringe isn’t hanging from every last surface, it’s concentrated in the corners and a bit less cowgirl than carrying something covered in hanging bits of leather. Yes, ladies, I think this is the one for me. Buy through Bloomingdale’s for $425.

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  • papertiger

    Like you I was not keen on fringing, then I saw a girl carrying a beautiful bag literally overflowing with fringing and she looked great (probably because she kept the rest of her out tame). I’m no familiar with this make but the leather looks great, as does the shape.

  • Beth

    Leather, color, shape — all terrific. Fringe on the corners? It’s like a bad mustache. Sorry… I don’t hate ALL fringe, but this just looks silly to me.

  • renee

    I have 3 LPs and recommend them highly!!! I liked their other fringes but this looks like it is trying to walk away on it’s own accord and frankly I would let it.

  • papertiger

    That’s a bit harsh, I kinda like the way it looks like it got stuck in shredder

  • simone

    fringe on both bottom corners of the bag? why not? i have two armpits anyway.

  • R Wike

    It’s gross, I like the Janis bag with fringe all over and that’s what I have. I also have a JJ winters Fringe bag.

  • Loquita

    This is quite a hideous bag….completely reminds me of unshaven pits. I normally like LP but this one is vile.

  • Marti

    Looks like a Biker Chick purse, are they just discovering this look? IT has been around since the 70’s.

  • Merve

    ayyyy hairy armpit bag!!!

  • Louise in Europe

    This bag is so cool!! Never liked the fringe bags i´ve seen before but is fun! Want one.

  • saret

    knockoff designer bags

  • Free

    I find this bag to be simple. And ugly. Simply ugly.


  • Denise

    I recently won the Linea Pelle Janis Fringe Bag from here and love it! The leather is extremely soft and supple, and it looks great on! I agree with what everyone wrote above, the Janis Tote looks really weird and awkward, like the fringe was thrown on just to make the bag a little different. I’m a fan of the fringe and I say go all the way, or don’t have any at all.

  • honuhonu

    I have this bag in black and just love it. It looks so great with a pair of jeans and a tshirt. The leather is so soft and smooshy and the fringe is just the right amount, in my opinion.