We discussed whether or not clear bags are purely a novelty a couple of weeks ago, and now there’s a new player in this trend that won’t be ignored, even if you can see right through its bags: Valentino. (Har har har, I know, bad joke. They’re not all winners.) The Valentino Rockstud Naked Bags (and shoes!) are a good deal more expensive than their quirky-contemporary counterparts in the clear bag trend, but the price comes with an unparalleled level of sophistication. If you doubted that clear PVC could be elegant, Valentino begs to differ.

These bags are gorgeously designed, but naturally, they present the same challenges as any other see-through bag, no matter the price point. How do you use the bag as a functional piece without ruining the extremely spare lines of the design? Does carrying a clear bag of this taste level require a brand new wallet, cell phone case and key ring for continuity? Does anyone want to see my grubby, color-transfered wallet that I bought when I was still in college? Would I besmirch this bag with it anyway? Before you buy one of these bags, make sure you’ve got a plan. Luckily, the equally lust-worth Valentino Rockstud Naked Shoes don’t present quite as many functional quandaries.

Most of the collection has yet to arrive in stores, but you can buy the Valentino Rockstud Naked Glam Lock Shoulder Bag for $1,795 in Neiman Marcus. Several styles of shoes are also available via Neiman Marcus. Check out more pieces below.

Valentino Rockstud Naked Tote

Valentino Rockstud Naked Glam Lock Shoulder Bag

Valentino Rockstud Naked Shopping Tote

Valentino Rockstud Naked Thong Sandals

Valentino Rockstud Naked Clutch

Valentino Rockstud Naked VaVaVoom Shoulder Bag

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  • Sandra

    I doubt I would spend the money on a clear bag, but I did it would be one of these. They are lovely….sophisticated…I cannot say enough good things about them. I may however invest in a pair of the shoes…love!

  • Fiona-Brasil

    I am in love with the Naked Shoes…

    • Hedy Tufo

      Careful..the studs fall off of the naked shoes…leaving behind very sharp spikes where they use to be.

  • gorgeous! i’d love one but i wouldnt pay such price for a bag with 10% leather ..well well.. its valentino after all..

  • FashionableLena

    For some reason, clear bags look cheap to me. But, I do love the naked shoes.

  • abbi

    no way a million times no! 1. people can see whatever your carrying 2. looks cheap and tacky and there will probably be loads of fakes easily made 3. its atrocious to the enviroment im not saying get rid of all plastic but when theres something natural at our disposal…LEATHER!

    rant over.

  • Anna

    Hi Amanda,

    i’m a regular reader of your blog posts. Quick question for you. Do you think the Valentino Rockstud is here to stay?

    I just bought the grande lock bag, and I was just wondering if you think it will disappear in a few seasons.

    Thank you=)

  • Teolafashion

    Hi girls do you know where can i get similar bag to this ones?