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  • Smithy

    Hill & Friends has got to be the worst possible name for a handbag company trying to sell high end bags.

    • Tana


    • Sparky

      I keep reading “Barney”. Have they actually sold any bags?

    • Yazi

      I agree. It sounds like something for teenagers.

    • Imgoingbroke

      And it’s not very attractive either.

  • Sandy

    If you think about it there is only so many bag designs that are useful, beautiful, holds your essentials. If you keep that in mind it is quite impossible for bags to not resemble each other. If you are making a satchel/tote like bag, well, how many ways can you make it?? You can set yourself apart with craftsmanship and materials…. If you think about the materials and craftsmanship of the Sac du Jour for example, quite lovely so why pay more and go through the hassle of Hermes??

    • This is generally my feeling when people complain about tenuous similarities between designs–there are only so many shapes that customers actually want! Trying to convince shoppers that they want something else is generally a losing game.

    • Sparky

      I totally agree. What is a tote? Two handles with main compartment. The City Steamer bears no resemblance to a Birkin – unless you categorize every tote as a Birkin copy.

      On what planet does the Jimmy Choo look like a Birkin??

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  • Eric N Vasey

    The louis vuitton one looks like a birkin because both bag designs are from the 30’s and the main shillouote back then was that. I also think that some people need to calm down on the birkin comparisons. Some of those barely make it as a birkin shape. But then there are brands like MK that pretty much only copy everything everyone else does

  • kemilia

    None of these bags are very ‘Birkin-ish’, imo. I have a Mulberry Bayswater and have never considered it a Birkin wannabe.

    • I don’t necessarily think any of them are “wannabes,” but they’ve all borrowed elements of the Birkin design. I’ve heard people howling about the similarities between the Bayswater and the Birkin for years, although aesthetically they’re very different bags.

    • Lulu Suarez

      I agree with you 100 %, Mulberry has done that bag for centuries, and it doesn’t look like a firkin at all.

  • kindled

    Some of these are just east/west totes, and not what I’d call Birkin-inspired.

  • Gigi

    Some of these seem like a stretch to me.

  • Yoshi1296

    None of these bags look like Birkins at all…I feel like the people that say “Ugh it’s a copy of a birkin” are just birkin owners who have their head up their asses and look down on others that do not have a birkin.

    • Casey

      Couldn’t have said it better, thank you. “Omg this bag has two handles and is made of leather it’s trying to be a Birkin”

      • Imgoingbroke

        heh heh, Truth.

  • Anyone have any opinions on what bag will have “Birkin like” status next? I’m thinking the Delvaux brillant. It’s expensive, has a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and isn’t ubiquitous.

    • Edia

      delvaux will never. at the moment moynat is the closest competitor imo

      • tia maria

        i was going to write the same thing…you beat me to it!

      • tia maria

        i was going to write the same thing…you beat me to it!

    • Gpc

      Delvaux is truly the only rival to Hermes in quality and craftsmanship. They do not aspire to be Hermes or create their version of a Birkin and, they don’t have to…

  • Edia

    i was wondering if hermes really came up with this type of shape and style first. of course the popularity of the birkin has other brands chiming in, but was there a birkin before the birkin? :3 anybody knows????

  • Sara

    The simplicity of SDJ and lack of complicated open/close mechanism makes me want it more than a Birkin. It is classier, understated, subtle and divine. I’m shocked that I don’t have one – yet :-)

  • W S M

    At the very least, the Birkin and Ricky have a story to tell.

    The Birkin itself is hardly revolutionary in the design of handbags and the bag is still relatively young (1980’s) and an East-West twist on the Haut a Courroies (which was used to carry boots and saddles of cavalry soldiers). The Ralph Lauren Ricky takes its inspiration from a vintage English Cooper saddle carrier. There are even overlapping elements with Steamer luggage pieces from the golden age of cruise travel (the hardware and locking mechanism give this away).

    These days, I see brands trying to copy the success of the Sac De Jour and not the Birkin. They have nothing in common apart from being top handle bags. Oddly enough, while Vuitton is the only house I know of (apart from Goyard) who still makes Steamer luggage, their bag takes more inspiration from the SDJ than the Birkin. SDJ doesn’t even have a top flap (which more than half these bags are missing).

    So the real question is: Which bag is copying the SDJ?

    • Chelsea Girl

      That’s what I was thinking – Thank U!

    • Leslee Soudrette

      Exactly! Especially seeking some of the SDJ’s details copied like the accordion sides on the Prada runway tote.

  • Yazi

    Are there no similar bags under $1000?

  • Tinsley Proust

    This is a huuuuuuge stretch. Hermes didn’t invent totes with flaps.

  • Tinsley Proust

    Hill + Friends sounds like a rehab facility.

  • pinkblondebrunette

    I am almost always irked by that comment. I mean just because a bag has two handles and is carried in hand, it does not make it a Birkin-wanna-be. From a construction stand point there are only so many ways a bagcan be configured and still perform the function intended as a “bag”. Bag configuration options are not endless: Most are either bucket style, one top handle, two top handle, cross body, backpack, or briefcase). With all the designers out there, is it only natural that there will be similarities amongst all the designs. Are some more similar than others? Sure! Do a few wish to replicate the Birkin ? More than likely. But not every bag that has two handles is a Birkin-wanna-be…its a tote! Not every one handle is a Kelly-wanna-be either. Don’t get me wrong, I love my H bags…long time lover and customer, but I also love my SDJ and other bag brands. For ex: I adore the new Diorever. Just because it is not embellished with do-dads and other things, remains somewhat minilaistic and has two handles for top carrying function it doesnt make it a copy of a B.

  • klama torby

    The most important design identity feature of Birkin is the the flap and the side straps (which it shares with the Kelly). These are the archetypal shapes that Hermes preempted and stuck to them and this is the premium they earned for their perserverance. Similar case is Rosenthal’s White Maria Belle Epoque porcelain design. There was a trend for octagonal china when Maria was designed but Rosenthal was the only one that did not dumped it from their portfolio. So now they are the only one “official/real” octagonal set.

    The design which is strictly Hermes and was copied AFTER Hermes designed it and became ubiquitous only afterwards is Bolide (once called Bugatti). Now many brands carry this design – and its key identyfing feature are: rounded corners, sides emerging from rectangular bottom, running gussetless and zipped on top – resulting in triangular cross section.

    The bag that is (imho) most heavily influenced by Birkin is Celine Luggage tote. I bet that designers tried to emulate Birkin at its chicest – open, worn nonchalantly, with straps hanging freely and gussets flaring. As seen here: http://www.businessinsider.com/birkin-hermes-michael-tonello-interview-waitlist-2011-9

    Celine started the whole tribe of its imitators and the rest is history

  • Senorita

    I own many Hermes bags, including Birkins, Kellys, Bolides etc, but think some of these other bags are lovely and would buy them if I didn’t have the H bags. BTW, I really like the Hermes Trim the best as well as the Evelyn.
    I am however sick of those ubiquitous studs that Valentino started on shoes and are now on everything including
    clothing. They are so outdated. Now it seems so many designers are sticking those things on all there leather.
    Reminds me of another pet peeve – the Cartier love bracelet that is knocked off and faked. Move on.

  • Imgoingbroke

    I’ve asked myself this often: ‘Am I the only person who finds the Birkin hideous’? I honestly have tried to find beauty in the Birkin, but instead I find it to be one of they homeliest and sloppiest looking bag out there.

  • Julie Semple Stam

    Please do a similar list with bags under $1000. While I do really like a few of these, right now they are not in my budget.

  • Greg J Richards

    The Versace bag is very cheap looking it doesn’t even look like leather. The Christian Dior bag is very nice.

  • kaly

    The Hill & Friends looks like a cheap copy of the Ralph Lauren Ricky bag!! I think a lot of folks look at a square bag with a lock on it and say “Birkin wannabe”. I agree with those who’ve said there are only so many ways to make a bag and just because a bag has a similar shape, doesn’t mean it’s “trying” to be a Birkin. I have Birkin’s and I just tend to like that shape, I see it in many of the other brands I have, as well. Interesting post as always!!

  • Firdaus Hilmy

    out of all these Birkin-esque bags, I like the SDJ the most. simple and elegant

  • Rashida

    None of those bags scream Birkin to me.

  • Honey Dewykins

    so basically all hand carried square bags are Birkin wannabes? none of those even looks like a Birkin, well maybe some hints in the Bayswater, with the flap and lock, but what’s with the rest?

  • Shaan

    The most shameless Birkin ripoff is the Valentino rockstud and Versace palazzo
    If you remove the lionhead on versace it just looks like a shadow of Birkin. And remove the studs on the Valentino and it looks like a poor cousin of Hermes Kelly mini bag lol