If you think that drawstring bags are too trendy and youth-focused to be relevant to your day-to-day style, the Donna Karan Metro Bags is here to prove you wrong. It’s current and stylish without being too obviously trend-driven, which is the perfect combination for an everyday bag.

I used to be totally opposed to bags with two carrying options, but I’ve since become a converted believer. This design uses them really well, and the sleek, modern hardware provides a beautiful touch of detail to both the shoulder strap and the short handle. The gunmetal grey is my personal favorite, but the bag looks pretty nice in black as well. Buy through Nordstrom for $1495.

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  • Margaret

    Of course Donna Karan makes this trend work beautifully for women!

  • mochababe73

    Not a fan of grey, but I like this particular shade. What I don’t like are drawstring bags. Too inconvenient to get in and out of. And, I feel like my stuff is in a black hole. I’ve had one in my handbag lifetime.

  • Linda

    Looks like beautiful leather! I wonder if it’s heavy!

  • karen

    gorgeous!! love the outer pockets which is unusual in a bag like this- i am also a drawstring convert; after buying a louis noe several months back, i just love this style..of course it does depend on what its lined in…it can be a big black hole-i never knew why designers, listen up balenciaga, have to line their bags in plain ole black!! it really is a pain to see into…if its lined with a lighter color like my noe, it can be a great bag and so nice for everyday-i have two young kids and like to just throw everything in there without having to be terribly oranized yet i can still find things easily…

  • Jenn

    This one is at the top of my Nordstrom wish list :)

  • Sonya

    This will be a hot number this fall!!

  • 19yearslater

    I like it. Not to hippie or punk with the drawstring theme.

    • 19yearslater

      Er, that’s too.

  • Loquita

    Gorgeous. Finally, a designer that doesn’t interpret the phrase “on trend” as permission to cover a classic handbag shape in hideous oversized studs and cheaply-made fringe. I have been staying away from the drawstring bags on the market lately, but this one has definitely caught my eye.

    • Lola

      Well put! You wont regret buying this, in 8 months you will regret the features you have just described.

  • sunflower

    Oh dear, I love it!! tPF is bad for my bank account :)