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  • Guest

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  • Katrina

    The valentino rocks! I too have noted the come back of suede. It’s lovely with the soft texture and feel and the slouchiness which works marvels for the bucket bag style. Would really really appreciate if you could do a post on caring for suede sometime.

    • L.O.

      Use a protector before use to help prevent dirt build up, liquids, and to prevent discoloration. When it gets dirty buy a suede cleaner with a brush and use a circular motion to clean. Light coat of protector to dry and be sure not to over saturate the suede with protector. Done, its that simple. Good luck

  • Sparkletastic

    While I’m a sucker for a tasteful tassel, I just have never liked a fringe bag. Not a fan of any of these.

  • FashionableLena

    With exception of the Jimmy Choo, I just can’t with the fringe bags. All I see is car wash and Snuffaluffagus.

    • rodzep17

      Now I see car wash too! But yes,Jimmy Choo was the best one, but don’t feel it’s really “grungy”.

  • TexasST

    I LOVE the Pierre Hardy bag but it is already sold out at NaP, so sad! I have the Proenza one and love it. The Vince Camuto is nice looking and a great price for a ‘fad’ bag. Rebecca Minkoff has a few nice fringe selections this season, also at a good price point for a trendy look.

  • Lara

    was debating the PS 1 but in the end went with a Pierre Hardy black fringe pouch – a quarter of the cost and super practical

  • Smithy

    If I had a fringe bag this pricey I would feel like such a blind follower. So much money on a passing trend. Let’s hope it passes quickly.

  • vicki

    I LOOOVE fringe bags. So Rachel Zoe fab 70’s glam one minute and also boho neo hippe the next minute. It could be earthy and also punk in black. Just love it. I have countless fringe bags. It’s an obsession :)

  • lovehandbags

    Got this at Nordstrom.com, is this last season? Anyone know? Thanks.

    • L.O.

      I believe so. You know Nordstroms is good for previous collections. I’ve only seen the tan and black for this season

      • lovehandbags

        Thanks for the reply…. appreciated.