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You think all towns and people are connected to the internet? Think again. This past week I was traveling once again. First I was in Washington DC, where the fast paced life was the norm. After seeing all the integral tourist attractions and waving at the White House, I was off to a small town on Lake Eerie in Ohio. Way up in the northeast part of Ohio is a town called Ashtabula. There my parents grew up and met. And for any of you Florida fans, it is where Urban Meyer grew up (boo to the Gators :wink: ). Let me tell you something, I love little Ashtabula but I felt as if I were in a time warp. We spent the mornings scouring Lake Eerie for sea glass, the days eating at the best local burger joint that feels as if you are sitting in a 50’s diner, the afternoons on the farm, and nights at various wineries. Life is slow there, the pace moves backward it seems. I kid you not, I bought 24 Swedish buns and a dozen assorted pastries from the bakery for under $9. I looked at the baker and he simply said to me, “You aren’t from around here, are you?”. It was liberating to feel free from my email and computer and even cell phone reception. I felt like the weight of the world had literally been lifted off my shoulders, so then I could have an amazing time with my family, all worries left back in the ‘real world’.

One afternoon we did venture to the sadly dying mall, where I popped into Dillards in hope of finding a little something. What I encountered were sales that made any sample sale look horrible. Sure, the selection was not amazing, but the prices made the goods feel free. My sister walked out with 5 pair of shoes totaling $190. Vlad strutted out with a pair of Nike shoes and Ralph Lauren shorts totaling $65 total. And I found the luggage deal of the century! I looked at the sign and had to do at least a quadruple take. Samsonite luggage marked 50% off, then take and additional 30% off. I have been traveling so often that my luggage has become worn down, so I snagged a large luggage bag and carry on for just about $200 total:!: What would have cost me nearly $560 cost me practically nothing. Next time you see a chic (but not always chic when traveling) lady in the airport with her Samsonite 400 Series Aspire luggage in blue, know that it is me carrying around my sturdy new luggage that I bought nearly for free. Luggage via Samsonite.

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