We don’t cover travel gear often enough on PurseBlog, and that needs to be rectified. If you follow us on Instagram, you know our team travels frequently, and we love to show the bags we are carrying and what we see when we travel. However, I rarely show my travel gear, aside from my carry-on bag, but today I want to show you the luggage Vlad and I swear by.

As much as I love luxury brands, I don’t turn to them for my travel gear. Of course Louis Vuitton makes suitcases that many bag aficionados adore, but I prefer to have items from a brand that I know specializes in sturdy, functional luggage, but with a stylish twist here and there.

Tumi Tegra Lite (2)

For the past year, the only suitcase that works for me is from the Tumi Tegra-Lite line. I have the Tegra-Lite Extended Trip Packing Case, and Vlad and I both have the carry-ons as well. It’s harder to be in love with your luggage than your handbags, but I can tell you that I am in love with mine.

The Tumi Tegra-Lite line is incredibly durable while remaining lightweight, as the name suggests. You can choose from a variety of colors, but I love the silver (Tegris) that I picked for my large luggage and Vlad added a little color with his orange carry-on. I love these suitcases because they just work so well and while they fit everything and anything I’d like them to, they aren’t too heavy or bulky like many others.

Tumi Tegra Lite (3)

After using Tumi Tegra-Lite for over a year, I’d highly recommend it. Shop the line at Nordstrom for $445-$895.

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  • Kate

    Have always been interested in those bags. Just curious, do they scratch easily?

    • I don’t see scratches on mine really – but if you look closely you can see normal wear. I feel like the pattern on the bags helps keep it from much showing ya know?

      • Kate

        Thanks Megs, you convinced me. I just ordered the medium in the grey.

    • Graefka

      I find that they scratch very easily, but the scratches don’t show too much on the grey. Scratches are very, very obvious on the black.

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  • Ilene

    OMG, I have 3 sizes including the extended and carryon. They are the best. I have been on 3 international trips with them – you have to look really close to find the scratches and light they are. I love, love, love mine. BTW, in the store, they told me the grey will show the least wear.

    • The grey is perfect for wear, totally agree!

      • Graefka

        Grey is much, much better than black for this product, at least in the sizes you are checking. Black is probably great for the carry ons. I initially bought a medium case in black but had to return it after the first trip because it looked like it had been scratched by a tiger — crazy marks all over.

        Even better than the lightweight construction — to me — is the organization of the interior. The top half of the suitcase zips open to hold a folded garment bag. Dressy clothes stay crisp and fresh even if the suitcase gets banged around.

  • Elle

    Hi Megs, great post! Was looking into buying new luggage and considering Rimowa. Was just curious on your thoughts on the brand (durability, etc) ?

    • I don’t have a great knowledge of Rimowa – but I’ve heard great things as well :)

  • Webaj

    Love these bags as well. Bought the grey set when it first came out in early 2012. The set has worn quite well. I also use another set of Tumi Vista luggage which was one of the first light designs they introduced in 2006. After 8 years and many trips (I am on a plane almost every week), it is still going strong,

  • I think the staff should each do a “What’s In My Carry-On” feature ;)

  • Rashmi

    Hi Megs, is the large one 29″? I have a set of Tumi too in orange but not this material. I have started to like Tumi a lot and I think my next buy will be this line of Tumi. Thanks for the great recco!

    • I believe I have the largest one, with these dimensions: 20 1/2″W x 32 1/2″H x 12 1/2″D

      It’s a great bag, fits a ton and keeps it all nicely packed away :)

  • Elisa

    Spinner luggage is the greatest travel gear invention! I traveled for one month with a 29″ spinner suitcase. I never could have done that with conventional two wheeled or non-wheeled luggage. It makes travel effortless, no more back or wrist pain.

    • YES! I can spin, twist and move my luggage around with such ease, it’s super helpful!

  • Comelity

    Very nice and specific article! Tegra is a very cool material, as well as this collection of Tumi suitcases. We actually just wrote an article about Tumi as a brand in general. You can find it here: http://en.comelity.com/corners/insights/tumi-travel-bags/