I’ve been thinking about luggage ever since we talked about that Jimmy Choo shoe case earlier in the week, and that the Lanvin Amalia Voyage Leather Suitcase should show up on Net-a-Porter right now is nothing short of fortuitous. I maybe have been a bit of a party-pooper when it came to the aforementioned shoe luggage, but I can’t help but swoon over all this luscious Lanvin lambskin.

Although the price is high – well over $3000 – when you compare it to other designer luggage, it seems much more palatable. Not that I wouldn’t be filled with anxiety by the prospect of taking such beautiful leather through an airport, of course, but if I were the type to spend that much money on a suitcase, perhaps my nerves wouldn’t be quite so raw. A fat savings account tends to have a calming effect on most people.

When you consider the $2000 price tag of the Amalia shoulder bags made of the same subtly quilted Lanvin leather, the price of this suitcase makes more sense. Not only does this bag use a lot more of the principle material, but it has a lot more going on – exterior pockets, interior suitcase structure, those little wheelies that mean you don’t have to lift it. If the average Lanvin bag did all that, I’d expect them to charge more for it as well. Now I just have to get over my urge to wrap this thing in protective plastic before I stow it in the overhead bin. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $3475.

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  • Kat

    I like this a lot more than those logo laden LV wheelies or too-obvious Chanel Cocoon luggage. But I have a bone to pick with the Lanvin, though. For that price, they couldn’t make it a 4 wheeler? As someone who used to travel for work 2 weeks out of a month, 4 wheels are a must for hand-carried wheelies.

    And I agree about the leather, too. Just from the look of it, it looks like one errant fingernail will do a lot of damage. I’d, like, wrap it in a blanket before putting it in the overhead compartment. I’d rather freeze than risk a scratch on this.


  • edoardo

    Really, really cool! I lvoe this “kind of geometrical shapes” that Lanvin draws on its leather bags, but the price is too expensive for a “travel-bag”.


  • Musette

    This looks way too fragile for commercial flight. Flying is stressful enough these days, without worrying that somebody’s sharp-edged briefcase is going to ruin my $3500 suitcase. And we’ve all see flight attendants jamming the heck out of stuff, trying to get the overheads shut.

    That’s why I love Tumi. It’s not ugly, it does its job and is largely indestructible.


  • 19yearslater

    Its gorgeous and I would love to use it for travel, but I’m still not on board (haha) with the designer luggage idea. I don’t have a problem with others using it, its just not for me.

  • Mochababe73

    Unless I am traveling on a private jet, there’s no way that I would ever carry this through a commercial airport. On top of that, I have two boys. This would get ruined just going to the food court with them.
    My $40 suitcase from TJ Maxx works just fine. And, it’s in a loud purple and white stripe.

  • qudz

    i love it, but id never buy it even if i could afford it, UNLESS i had my own private jet, lol. like someone else mentioned, the leather looks too fragile to deal with overhead stuffing, or God forbid, gate side check in. im going with my lovely 4 wheeled samsonite, and save up for a lanvin handbag instead

  • Carol P.

    What a beautiful bag! I would love to own it, but, like others, would never use it to fly on a commercial airline — even though I nearly always fly in first class. Chances are that it would be damaged by security, or in some unintentional way, on its first outing — and I’d be heartbroken.

    After traveling continuously on business for years, I now travel for pleasure. I’ve used nearly every brand of luggage on the market. Nothing — even higher priced bags by Tumi — beats Eagle Creek luggage for function and durability. The wheels never fail — it’s quite amazing how much abuse they take on cobblestones. Only two wheels on EC bags though; I wish they had four wheel products.

    • Musette

      I’m dimensionally challenged, I admit it! Can you explain the virtues of 4 wheels v. 2? I’m trying to imagine how it would make a difference (I’m assuming you mean one on each corner v. double wheels, right?) My roller has a little stand that keeps it upright when not being wheeled. Do the extra 2 wheels replace the stand?

      Sorry to be so stupid about this but it’s been yonks since I bought luggage.


  • eorchid

    I just love it. I want to have it and just ‘pet’ the soft leather. If I had it, I would be petrified to use it and get it scratched!

  • Anna

    I think if there ever was a Zombie Apocalypse, it would do you some good to have a Lanvin Suitcase. Just saying.

    It is really pretty…although I’d never check that shiz through.