louis vuitton waterproof keepall

The spanking new LV Waterproof Keepall inherits the same measurements of the regular and loved Keepall 55. However, it has undergone serious steroid treatment in the advanced Louis Vuitton labs! The cowhide trim and handles were dumped for durable polyamide and polyurethane, the golden hardware swapped for brass and zamak pieces. This bag is the active traveler’s wet dream – even if you don’t end up submerging your Keepall in water, it is great to know you could (without ending up ruining your belongings). To me, this spacious bag could help me overcome my general disapproval of the monogram canvas. Still, is the advanced welding process (that ensures airtightness of the main compartment) worth the $800 extra over a regular Keepall 55 with shoulder strap?

The Waterproof Keepall is now available for $1,950 via 866-VUITTON or at eLuxury’s exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique.

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  • amyxandra

    Hideous on steroids. I totally hate that ugly logo canvas. But, if I can zip it up and use it as an inflatable device to save my life in my yacht sinks, well…maybe it’s worth buying

  • Baby Pop

    I’ve always disliked the mono line.
    This sounds sad, but I like the bag more with plastic handles than with leather.

  • Mikaa

    LMAO ! nice idea.. but when are you ever going to take a LV bag underwater?

  • jadey – myspace.com/tfsismetaldeth

    i like this bag, i would trade this in any day for my LV keepall’s. looks so much better with the darker trim!

  • tOny G

    hey there ladies! i just bought the KeepAll waterproof last week here in canada @ Holt Renfrew. It seriously rocks!! The salesman told me it a limited edition; that was the hook for me! when i got home i noticed the inside tag said Louis Vuitton Paris Made in Germany.
    any thoughts or comments?

    • o.Visscher

      do you know how to find the datecode of keepal waterproof??

      thank you

  • Cameron San Marco

    The reason it says “made in Germany” is because Louis Vuitton products are made in different countries. They are made in european countries like Spain, Germany and France, as well as The U.S.A. Every product should say “Louis Vuitton Paris, though. I would, like many others, prefer my Louis Vuitton bag to say “Made in France.” Even if it doesn’t, it doesn’t de-authenticicate the product. Germany, actually is well known for their technological advances! (High-frequency welding on the bag) If your bag said “Made in China”, that would be a clear red flag. I have only seen the waterproof keepall 55 with either Germany or France on the inside, though I have seen Spain on the inside of a Monogram wallet once as well. You’re fine!

  • KC

    :shock: Shame…. mine says “Made in Philippines” :twisted:

  • Bob Oblaw

    Are you serious? You have to be kidding me. I don’t believe you. Funny, though. For a second.

  • No- they are ONLY made in Germany.

  • flw

    I like this bag. It does close air tight, but kinda tough to zip up. LV suggests that you use a little grease, but I’m just gonna leave it alone. Anyway, my bag was “Made in Germany” as well.

  • sara

    i just got this bag from a friend and i really dont need it for anything and i want to sale it but, i dont really know how much it is worth or how to find out? can any one help?

  • Chad Heron

    Sara, if you want to sell it to me, e-mail me! Chadcrx@hotmail.com

    Ill take it off your hands!

  • RT

    Are you kidding me? I think it’s hideous. I guess if you live where it rains, it might be useful. However, I can think of a dozen other companies that make better duffles. Then again, I’ve never been a fan of the monogram line. Too many people have it. I’d take the damier line over this any day. I actually like the Utah and Taiga lines way better than the rest.

  • James

    I got this waterproof keepall 55 few weeks ago and been using it since then. Very friendly and decent looking. Plus, it is air tight when you zip it properly, the shape becomes so perfect and lighter to carry. Totally happy w/ this bag.

    • Anthony LaVilleon

      Still happy with it?

  • TCO

    I actually hated the monogram line until i saw it trimmed in black in the waterproof keepall 55. i love it. i keep saying it will be useful for lifesaving on the yacht vacations i dont take. or on the boat before a dive. it all made sense at the store ;)

    • K

      I love my waterproof keepall 55! last week I went sailing in the maledives and everthing stayed dry!!! I love this bag!!

  • aragon

    salve sto cercando l ggetto in questione,purtroppo per ora non è disponibile, qualcuno conosce x caso 1 sito che la vende.

  • Jörg Stau Bach

    I have the full set including the messenger back. That was a gift and I still have the LV receipt. So if anybody wants to buy this outstanding rare and hardly to find set of LV waterproof send me a mail 888@pmw.ag offers below 4500 euro will be denied