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  • twirler

    this is a bit off topic, but can someone please explain why every girl in NY now carries a Goyard tote? are they real? are they fake? how did the brand explode so quickly? i swear i see them everywhere all of a sudden and it’s really perplexing me! i used to think of the brand as much more cult-like, but they seem to have gone mainstream and very quickly

    • T Tara Bagnista

      I believe they’re so ubiquitous in NY due to counterfeits, which are relatively expensive (from what I recall about $100 several years ago). At a quick glance, one might be fooled; however, I doubt they hold up.

    • PJGambler

      That’s very interesting-I’m on the opposite coast and do not see them-but honestly, until I joined this site 6 months ago, had never heard of them so now will keep an eye out.

    • Mel A

      they are really exploding in San Francisco recently as well. I saw them all over, and wondered what the deal was with them, then recognized the pattern at the goyard store in union square. My friend had one for years, and hers is soft and beautiful (just a GM tote). I hope they don’t get “mainstream” because if a bunch of counterfeits turn up, it will ruin the brand for me (like Louis Vuitton). But the truth is they’ve definitely hit critical mass out here.

    • shopper

      Hard to say but I’m guessing its 50/50. The NY store opened last year so whatever is “new” is the brand of the moment.
      There is a thread in the forum where a woman who owns a real Goyard St Louis bought a fake to compare. She said she couldn’t tell the difference. I imagine its a pretty easy bag to copy. Coated fabric and a sliver of colored leather. How hard is that?

    • They’re becoming popular in Austin as well, but I tend to see them more on women in their 50s-60s than anyone else.

  • kindled

    They’re not all leather but can I highly, highly recommend Longchamp bags? They are all incredibly lightweight, can be shoved into a suitcase when you don’t want them, they zip, and they are super easy to clean plane nastiness off of. They’re not as attractive as a bunch of these leather totes, but the neos (leather color matches the bag’s color) look quite a bit nicer than the general le pliage ones and you can get them with crossbody straps, too. They are (relatively) inexpensive and can even go through the washing machine in a pinch. I was a long time hold out on them because I thought they weren’t that attractive and thought that ~$145-245 (depending on the size of large) was a lot, but now I own seven of them, haha.

    • T Tara Bagnista

      When I travel, I typically carry a tote and a smaller bag for evenings out. I don’t carry the tote “raw”, tough. Rather, I put it inside an old beat up canvas tote, so I can slip a few more things along the sides. I had a bad experience once where I had an older leather Coach briefcase that got scratched from slipping it under the seat in front of my on a small plane in Italy. Although not a tote, I usually carry a Prada nylon messenger. I’ve brought Longchamp le pliage with me; however, folded up for alternative use. I also have a Goyard St. Louis; however, when I bring that one I fold it up like the Longchamp. For the smaller bag, I usually bring a mini Givenchy Niightingale, which easily slips inside the canvas tote alongside my good tote.

    • Kari

      I always carry a longchamp le pliage on a trip because it is super roomy and durable. It is also easy to clean. The foldability also makes it great for stashing when I don’t need it anymore

      • kindled

        My longchamp le pliage is my go to bag when I’m going on a business trip overseas and then want to go do some low key exploring–it can fit a laptop, is nice enough to bring into a conference, and then can get folded and shoved to the back of a suitcase while I go hiking or whatnot and not get damaged like a leather bag would.

    • Sonia

      I own two Longchamp nylon bags, but wanted a leather bag to use for business travel. I finally broke down and got the Le Pliage Cuir.. It’s lightweight, has both short handles and a removable shoulder strap, and holds everything I need. It folds up nicely and, to keep its shape, I use both a base shaper and purse liner. In my opinion, it’s perfect for as a travel bag as well as carrying everyday.

  • tata

    i was going to recommend the goyard st. louis. very practical and priced right at your price point. and if you get them in fun colors, it becomes a cute vacation bag. if you get it in conservative colors, it’s a great work bag.

    • I was going to say the exact same thing. It is super light and very durable. I’ve used mine as a carry-on, for work, for weekends, and it’s held up quite well. It folds up quite flat, too, so it’s convenient to pack.

  • Guest

    I clicked on the link to Matches for the Max Mara tote and got the European version. The price for the same tote was 550 euros. That means that buying it in the U.S. carries roughly a $400 surcharge. Just something that Kim should keep in mind if she likes that one and she’s traveling to a country in the euro zone — buy a really cheap tote at home and get the MM tote in Europe at a much lower price.

  • Charlotte

    I think a lot of the ones listed above are great choices. I would especially go with ones that are more clean-cut/modern because they are so versatile. Another great choice is the large Goyard tote. I purchased one in march because I was going on a long trip and needed a carry on that would basically be bottomless. I used it for 3 weeks through Asia and it was great. The one downfall on that bag is that the strap is not particularly comfortable on the shoulders so if you don’t mind that I’d highly recommend it.

  • oui

    Rather than the St. Laurent, I’d probably go for Everlane. Everlane sells different types of totes on their website for up to 495$.. I saw one “in the wild” when an auditor from the US head office came to my office. He had so many things stuffed inside it and it seemed to hold up very nicely and kept its shape pretty much. He said it’s actually owned by his wife, but he liked that it’s very nondescript and fit a lot of office stuff in it.

    At first I was worried about the strap looking a bit narrow, but he said it didn’t hurt the shoulders, and it gave him a lot of room in his hands if he were to carry it in his palms a long with the other bags he tote through the airport. And the handles are adjustable, so he and his wife can both have it at a length that suits them best.

    • I’ve never seen one in person, but I’ve read such good things about the Everlane bags and I am such a fan of their clothing and company philosophy overall, that I would go out on a limb and recommend it. They come in different orientations (east-west and north-south) and there’s a Casual Petra style, too, that’s a little more laid-back (well, yeah, duh) than the original Petra.

    • My husband has the weekender by Everlane. He really likes it, but I’ve used it when he’s not with me and I hate it. The straps don’t stay on my shoulder and make me insane.

  • Denise G.

    I have a Parabellum Archer tote ($1600). Made to last a lifetime. I LOVE the texture. Bag can take a beating (like shoving under your seat on a plane). I’m surprised no one discusses this designer. They were finalists in the Vogue CFDA Fashion Fund.


    • DeniseG

      Adding photo of my bag. Comes in different colors

  • lavinia

    I bought a Tory Burch shopper York (in saffiano!). I took the small one but there is also the big one for only 245 US $. There are many colors (see above my choice), it’s fantastic: practical nice, I can’t do without. Just give a look on the website :)

    • cat

      That’s a gorgeous bag – I’m a Tory fan too!

    • Puja Wahi

      I’m looking for a carry on that will hold my laptop and look good when I walk into a client’s office. I’ve been looking at tons of more expensive bags, but honestly I’m not able to get over how awesome the Tory York is… I’m just very concerned about how thin the straps are. Will they cut into my shoulders or give way under the weight of the laptop + other stuff?

      • lavinia

        Puja, I use my Tory for my daily life (office) and for me it’s perfect (laptop, mobile and sometimes e-reader). But for a bag which can bear much more weight you can go for the Neverfull LV which can bear a weight of 210 kg, equal to the weight of a motor! My advise go to a Tory Burch boutique and look for the bag, try it on and then decide! I saw it on the web but I went to the shop before buying it. :)

      • Puja Wahi

        Thanks, Lavinia. I think you’re right. I’ll take my laptop along and try it on. Also, I had no idea the LV Neverfull was so tough. Looks so dainty. Now it sounds worth the price. :D

  • Mintonly

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  • Stina Sias


    I use one of these for a carry on, the canvas is so durable you can shove it under a seat or in an overhead and it comes out without a scratch!

    • shueaddict

      The Rottie got away from me but I did ‘bag’ the tribal version – I even used it as a beach bag … I am super happy with it and do not cringe when airport security puts it straight on the scanner belt .

      • Stina Sias

        That is beautiful I haven’t seen that print!

  • ottercat

    I am a big time road warrior. None of these would be practical for long, sustained, crazy travel that I do. I am on the road 200+ days a year. I use the Longchamp totes for electronics, papers and stuff I need close at hand on the plane. Even with that one, I’ve scraped holes into them long term and need to replace them occasionally. But, best I’ve used. I am rough on things. I’ve even dragged holes into my Goyard tote. But, if I am doing prissy little vacation travel, then maybe one of the fancy leather items above would work.

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    • Daisy

      I agree! I travel every other week for work too, & these won’t cut it for cellphones (plural since I usually rent a local phone if I’m abroad), iPad or laptop, camera, & papers. The lack of zipper doesn’t work for me either. What if it falls and everything slides out?

      • the lack of zipper worries me because I always have to turn my bag sideways to fit underneath the seat, am I the only one who has to do that?

    • shueaddict

      AMEN to Longchamp – I have been through 3 Pliages in 4 years of fairly intense travelling. I cannot imagine business travel without them. I always bring them in addition to a nice designer tote.

  • JulesClark

    Laudi Vidni designed a bag specifically for travelling- they worked with a CEO to make sure all of the necessary compartments were included and all essentials could be carried. There’s a sleeve at the back that slides on to suitcases and more than enough room for your laptop, notepad, wallet, etc PLUS its customizable … I LOVE mine and use it every time I travel!!

  • JulesClark


    Forgot to include the link!!

  • QuelleFromage

    I’m sure these will work for anyone who had considered the Neverfull, but most women need a bag that will hold a full laptop, even if it’s Air sized, and need at least a couple compartments (laptop) or pockets (phone, passport, ID, wallet).. I carry the Longchamp – they are ubiquitous and they look fine until they are totaly beaten – and put either an Hermes Kelly or an Evelyne inside depending on how casual the trip is. I still wish it had compartments, though.

  • Lara

    I have that Tods tote and love it. In Europe it is also cheaper than the US price, but am waiting for the sales to get it in another colour. very hardwearing

  • cat

    I purchased an Emillio Pucci canvas bag this year and sprayed the canvas with a protector (5 coats) and it has gone everywhere,including on planes with me and it is still pristine. The leather handles are really comfortable as they are not overly thick. It holds a laptop, has pockets for easy access and its so pretty! You can find a resale here in new condition

    • Valerie M Wright

      What canvas protector do you use?

  • Scottsdale Kim

    My bag of choice is the Tumi Voyageur. It is lightweight and easy to clean. I’ve been resistant to use anything more expensive because planes are not clean places to put things that you want to keep nice. Having said that, I broke down and bought a Goyard pet carrier recently. Would love to see an article on designer pet carriers. We flew with our little dog no less than 25 flights last year so I felt that I could justify the expensive choice.

  • joseph

    I purchased the shopper from Brahmin and it’s perfect. Spacious, beautiful leather and not to expensive.
    Try the Brahmin line

  • Passerine

    Kim says she doesn’t need a ziptop bag, but from sad experience, I think she does. I boarded a flight with my open designer carefully packed, and placed it under my seat. At the last minute, the FA swooped by and put it in the overhead compartment (even though it fit fine under my seat, I don’t know why she did it). The plane ascended more steeply than usual. After I got off the plane, I realized that an expensive pen I’d bought at duty free had slid out (in its box) during the ascent. I didn’t notice it was missing until a few hours after the plane had landed. By then it was too late. So now I always make sure my carryon closes completely with a zipper.

    With that in mind, I’d buy something attractive but much more “businessy” for flying — like the Bric’s Milano Business Tote: http://www.zappos.com/brics-milano-business-tote-olive (you can get a matching small carryon roller bag, making a sophisticated combo for short trips). http://www.brics.it/en-gb/catalog/detail/life-carry-on-trolley/blf05249?ic=KrdNkA%3D%3D

    And then get something a little more fashion-forward for non-plane travel or other use. I really like the Chloe tote, but the Tod’s, Max Mara and several other bags shown are great too! (I looked at the Max Mara yesterday; it will hold a lot, has a removal zipped leather pouch and a decent magnetic closure. It also comes in a light beige color)

  • Jennifer

    I have that exact MG tote and the thought of having to stow it under a seat on an airplane or in the overhead with other items shifting against it fills my stomach with dread. It is a beautiful bag but the vegetable dyed leather is prone to scratching and while it will develop a nice patina over time, that kind of abuse could ruin the esthetic.

  • Stephanie Ferreira

    Ditto to every vote for Longchamp.
    Also really shocked there was no mention of Tumi, since they are MADE for travel.

  • LV NY

    This is trying very hard to avoid mentioning the LV Neverfull :) Just sayin’… Although it may be frustratingly ubiquitous, it is also a workhorse and the best functionally. I love the Mansur Gavriel but to be honest, one wrong move at the airport and everything will fall out of it.

    • Karen

      Bigger issue with the Mansur Gavriel, imo, is that the leather scratches pretty easily. I have two and, according to Mansur Gavriel, the scratches turn into a nice patina over time. Nonetheless, I am sad every time I get a new scratch on one of them, and I notice scratches on them more than I do on most of my other bags. I do carry them a lot, in fairness, but I have to think that shoving one under the seat in front of me would be an issue. I’ll stick with my Goyard St. Louis for air travel.

  • katiedelmar

    For travel, I think the “designer” look matters less than the utilitarian aspect of a bag. It needs to be sturdy, and able to stand up on its own (without flopping over) when you set it down, especially if it doesn’t have a zipper! I use the zip-top tote by New England based Lotuff Leather. Have had it for over a year, and surely put it through hell, but it still looks brand new (in fact, it looks better with age!). They are also “guaranteed for life” so if the bag breaks you can send it to their production facility and they will fix it right up and send it back! Though my bag seems durable enough that I doubt I will ever need to!

  • I really like SMYTHSON PANAMA NORTH-SOUTH TOTE…. It gives professional look and very soon m gonna buy this one.. :)

  • Ountrumpas

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  • Minka Mietzz

    What about the Balenciaga Work bag? It’s perfect for travelling plus has the appearance of a subtle designer bag. It’s lightweight (if you go for the regular hardware) and it’s solid without being stiff. I carry it with me as a carry-on on every trip or vacation.

  • MrVuitton

    Really missed the Goyard Saint Louis in this post? Super lightweight and practical, plus it comes with a wallet as well. :)