I know that Valextra is much-lauded as a brand of staid and classic bags that are extremely well-made out of the finest leathers, but…I just don’t get it. I can’t wrap my head around it.

It seems like I’ve seen the Valextra Babila Top Handle everywhere – on celebrities, as one of Barneys.com’s much-lauded “obsessions,” at the finest stores. But I can’t help but find them unbearably plain and dull – the emperor appears to have no clothes.

Valextra Babila Top Handle

I don’t get it. Sure, it’s a bag. It’s functional and unobtrusive. Its lines are clean. It serves the essential functions of a handbag, and I’m sure it’s made with very fine leather. For those prices, I would hope that it’s hand-made. Out of unicorn hide. And gold thread. We certainly see bags everyday that are more expensive, but to assign a price upwards of $2000 to a bag that seems to be hardly more complex in design or construction than your average canvas tote? I think they’re pressing the bounds of sanity there.

So, like I said, I think the emperor has no clothes. An insider-y, esoteric brand makes it, the fashion establishment tells us it’s fabulous, fashionable stars like Angelina Jolie are photographed wearing it….so it MUST be great, right? And worth two grand? I just don’t think so. Even if it’s the best-constructed version of itself that it could possibly be, out of the finest leather, I just don’t think it warrants the price tag. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $2114.

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  • rae

    Agreed. Sheesh, it’s not even a slouchy bag, where you get to touch/cuddle/enjoy the softness of the leather more often… for my structured bags, I don’t really care about the leather quality too much.

    For me, the thing worth paying for would be fit — does it hang just right on the shoulder so that it almost looks a part of me? Does it maybe even compliment my figure? IDK, maybe I’m weird, but that is more of a priority for me…

  • poodle

    I have to say, although currently I cannot buy it, if I did have many thousands of dollars to burn, I would probably add this bag to my collection (but in a different color – anything other than granny beige). I think its very sophisticated and very elegant. I love structured bags that are very minimalist. And I cant stand all those bags made with 7 different materials, covered in all those bells and whistles of tassels and chains (and ‘slouch’ is really not my thing). I think this is a great work bag – its functional, classy, elegant, and professional. I just hope its big enough to fit a small computer and folders without bending the papers.

  • misslola

    Blah, blah blah!

  • Michael St. James

    soooooo boring, but you did pic the most mundane color!


  • Leah

    Someone finally said it! Valextra is a huge waste of money…

  • Lydia

    I love the sleek design of this bag, but the pricetag is too overwhelming! I just found this awesome bag in an article on AskMelissa.com from a designer in California and I can’t wait until it comes. It’s super hip and is going to be a great piece for the fall. Here’s the link if anyone wants to check it out: http://www.askmelissa.com/index.php/features/09-10-09_bks_fall_fashion/

  • otter

    Boring. Also, I think thier brand name is unfortuante. Sounds to close to Valtrex.

  • kemilia

    Boring and blah.

  • ingrid

    looks a LOT like the Miu Miu bags from a couple seasons back.. but they look very functional for business… but $2000+ is not functional for me. haha.

  • Ping

    I agree with you Amanda. I’m glad someone is upfront and honest. In recent years, so many bags are arbitrarily overpriced. I just don’t get this brand either and I even went to Barneys and checked them out in person. They are just as dull in person. I love classics and go crazy in Hermes but for some reason, Valextra just never moved me. I have a good collection, but am never tempted by any shape bag in this brand.

  • adam

    the bag is a very functional design with clean lines. I will say Valextra is taping into a new trend. clean lines free of logo or any studded pieces , snaps or locks. It is sort of like a reverse status symbol now to carry the plainest bag you can that most would not think cost any more then probably 20 bucks at Tj max, walmart , k-mart type of store, but it is in fact a not just expensive but incrediblly expsensive bag. I know it may seem like a lifetime time ago but take a look back about a year ago at what bag Angelina Jolie carried seemingly everywhere . *cough* Mono Louis vuitton * cough* now she is sporting Valextra all over town. HMM? That said i think a $400-800 is a more reasonable price tag for this bag but then again it is fashion and the name of the game now is exclusivity based on price point so 2,000 i guess it is .

  • stella fleuret

    AHH MY lord. How dull and utterly BORING!

    $2K, honestly? I’ll take that money elsewhere! There are far better designers out there that may have a bag like this one, but 1000x better. Sorry, Valextra, try again.

  • Merve

    yep boring and overpriced. The reason why all the celebs are carrying them is probably because Valextra got themselves a sassy group of PR girls who know the right people. So these bags were given to the correct celebs to wear. Lets not get easily fooled PB ladies we can call it as we see em.

  • Rebbeca

    I agree! This bag just makes me want to go **yaawwnnnn** !
    So boring..and so higly priced for nothing!

  • atrophia

    I don’t really have anything to add. It’s painfully basic, almost Spartan but without the cool factor. It’s completely boring. I would never buy one, and if I was gifted one would promptly sell it. And in the unlikely event I found I could not get rid of it, I would graffiti all over it with prismacolor markers. At least then it would be interesting to look at.

  • DIE

    I think it is a beautiful bag.This photo does it no justice! So many bags out there are over embelished and do nothing for me. I ike the simplicity, and the purse is gorgeous in perso.I’m fine with all of the ladies that don’t like it not having it. It’s on my top 3 list!

  • Blue

    Any bag over 1000 USD should be shouting style and beauty. Living in Paris and Italy for over 20 years I can see it a mile away. Something is missing here. This bag almost makes it but then doesn’t. Sorry. It looks more like a wannabe bag.