Forget everything I said recently about how bad things come in threes and that means that there would soon be another bad Valentino bag for me to snark on soon. I have never been more utterly and profoundly wrong on this blog before, at least not that I can remember, because I can’t help but drool all over the Valentino Kaleidscope Stone Tote. Who needs a man – I love this bag so much that I would gladly cuddle with it at night instead.

Kaleidoscope Stone Tote

I fully realize that some of you may look at this thing and think that this is indeed the completion of the trio of bad Valentino purses that I had foretold, but hear me out on this. If all of the sewn-on rhinestones were the same color or the same shape, then I’d be ready to dismiss it a tacky and cheap-looking. But the subtlety of the ombre color change and the seemingly random variance in stone shape (but not size, so that they look somewhat uniform) gives this bag a level of sophistication that perfectly balances its over-the-top shine. I love a statement bag more than anything else in fashion, and this one might rank as one of my all-time favorites. Buy through Neiman Marcus for $2995.

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  • Otter

    R u kidding me????? This is bad. Reminds me of some bad home decor item you might find on a random shelf at Home Goods, Marshalls, a vendor stall at Rosarita Beach. FUG.

  • skelly…

    I’d love this in a simple clutch. the bag is too much IMHO.

  • Inga

    I did not even read the review: My first reaction as the page loaded: Eeeeeewwwww!!! NO.

  • Caroline @ Salescoop

    While the ombre color change makes it look a little more sophisticated, I am worried that the bag is still a little tacky. Maybe I have to see it in person, but this isn’t the tote that I would chose to spend that amount on!

  • KathyB

    When I see bags like this I always think “what kind of narcotic were they on?”

  • Kas

    not a fan at all

  • D

    It looks like a mirror was smashed into a million pieces.

  • dacs

    I’m with you on this, Amanda. I think it’s a great statement bag. I love the random configuration of the rhinestones. Although, I wish the ombre was more noticeable.

  • renee

    Too big with so much going on.

  • Jane H.

    Maybe if the bag wasn’t so huge…

  • lol, i knew almost everyone would hate it. but i love it! it’s just so statement-y and shiny!

  • 19yearslater

    I’m with you, Amanda- the ombre colour change and multi-shaped gems makes it just cool enough.

  • fuchsiafury

    What a conversation starter! This bag is stunning, but I’ll bet it weighs a ton. All those stones would make it heavy even before putting anything in it! Yes, beauty has a price, but I wouldn’t tax my arms and shoulders with its weight. I’d be happy to admire it on someone else though!

  • mette

    I do like this bag. It does look stunning. Since I´m into functionalism at this phase of my life, I know that I would not have much use for this one though. I only want functionary bags, I occasionally buy a new one and sell an older one. At the moment, I only have 1-2 bags I could live without, and I don´t have a need for a new one. But I´m keeping my eyes open :).

  • hazel

    Wow, sparkle city! I sorta love it

  • Graham

    There’s a reason Valentino promoted their accessories designer to head designer… bags like this!

  • Rufina