Stella McCartney Cloud Print Shopper I kept getting emails with a ton of hoopla about Stella McCartney having an exclusive line for Net A Porter. Then I saw some of it and it made me wonder what the fuss was about. Stella McCartney is so hit or miss for me and while some of her designs are simple and I love them some are so simple they end up being simpleton and just blah. One of her exclusive designs for NAP is the Stella McCartney Cloud Print Shopper which features the Sir Peter Blake cloud print on this lightly colored canvas shopper.

I need to break down this bag, my likes and dislikes until I can reach a conclusion. I like that it is light and whimsical and I like the clouds. I don’t like that it is light colored which can easily lead to dirt showing and that it looks childish. Also on the cons, the closeup view of this bag shows an odd pattern of the paint on the canvas, which looks gray and dirty. I suppose if I were to have a child this could be a cute beach tote or playground bag, but again having a child means messes and dirt, and this bag would go downhill fast once it shows wear especially since the inside is white. Overall I give this a 4/10 on my generous scale, because it is not heinous but I can’t imagine many people running out to buy this either. Am I off or on? Buy through Net A Porter for $185.

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  • renee

    I think you are on. White canvas and tote just don’t go together. Can’t you get these for $5 at Wal-mart as a re-usable grocery tote? And, at least those are made of nylon for easy cleaning.

  • mc

    I think it’s a bit lazy in its design or lack of really, Stella is capable of much more than this, perhaps one of her juniors were put to the task?

  • 19yearslater

    I like it. Summer totes should be fun, not boring.

  • Free

    This tote is perfect for my 13-year-old daughter (except for the price).

  • Free

    Actually, it would make a cute diaperbag too… if it’s sturdy enough. It’s canvas so a mommi could just toss it in the washer (but the price is still killing me for what this bag really is).

  • Merve

    Only as a beach bag, if u can get over the fact that yr bag has clouds on it and you are on a sunny beach.