First and foremost, I want to say that I totally respect the reasoning behind why Stella McCartney does not use leather in her bags. It’s hard to find people that walk the walk as much as they talk the talk, particularly when it could have a significant impact on their business, and she does. Of course, when your dad is a Beatle, I’m not sure that you’re as concerned about things that might affect your bottom line as much as the average person might be.

That being said, I wish she didn’t stick to doggedly to her principles, because I would absolutely love the Stella McCartney Chain-Detail Tote if it was real leather.

Stella McCartney Chain Detail Tote

This take on the season’s industrial trends is decidedly simple and straight-forward, which is kind of refreshing when you consider the glut of studs, zippers, and chains that adorn everything we’ve come across recently. The shiny, thick silver hardware frames an enormous piece of matte black faux leather that I can only wish were real. I’ve never come across non-leather approximations of the material that I found at all inspiring, and I fear this may even smell funny in person, but I sincerely hope it does and that it fools everyone. But I doubt it will – the graining of the material is just too uniform to look like the real thing.

And also, it has to be said – the way that the chain is attached and forms the handle reminds me of the Chanel Coco Cabas totes from a few years back. There, I said it. I’m officially turning into one of those people that thinks that everyone rips off Chanel. Go ahead and put my out of my misery now, while I still have an original thought or two in my head. I still really like this bag, though. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $1145.

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  • Jane

    why is it so expensive?

  • Laura

    I’m sure the PETA types are thrilled with this bag , but if you are going to produce a handbag wouldn’t it be better for the environment to use a natural source like leather or snakeskin? I’m not really savvy on which item would leave a bigger carbon output, but my guess would be pleather. Plus it smells and feels awful!

  • @Jane It’s so expensive because Stella McCartney made it. Other than that…ya got me, I have no idea.

  • Linda

    I appreciate where her head is at with her designs. But I think the price point is insane for a pleather bag. Why not shop at Target and save a whole lot of money and donate the difference to PETA?

  • MizzJ

    I agree with these commenters, I’ve heard it’s actually more eco-friendly to use leathers rather than synthetics. Why does eco-friendly always equate to extra-expensive?? How are you supposed to convince people to go green when the green they are more concerned about is the one in the bank that feeds them.

  • Merve

    Hahaha MissJ!! Im sure we are well aware what green Miss McCartney is after. I so agree with all of you. I do appreciate that Stella acts according to what she preaches but a chanel chain copy pleather bag is not worth a grand. Lets get real. Lets say she charges that much for her design which makes me ask the question what the hell is original about this bag? I bet you come winter all the cheap high street shops will have this side line chain detailing. Im sorry but i dont care about her bottom line or who her daddy is, she has to try a lot harder for me to spend over a grand for a non leather handbag.

  • Carol

    It’s nice. I imagine it’s heavy with the chain. Maybe with leather, it would be REALLY heavy? Who knows? I can never figure why bags that aren’t leather are so expensive. Like Ed Hardy or even Jessica Simpson – for what you get anyway.

    That said, if someone gave this bag to me, I would love it! A Stella McCartney!

  • RedSilk

    “I wish she didn’t stick to doggedly to her principles”

    Then it wouldn’t be a principle, would it? Stella is a vegan. She won’t use leather because she doesn’t believe in killing animals. Period.

    I like this purse, but I actually think it would look gorgeous in black silk with chain, not pleather. I’m sure they can reinforce the material to make it less fragile.

  • Jen

    I’d go for it right away if it was, say 500$. It shouldn’t be more though.
    And I agree with RedSilk, it is her principle, so she sticks to it.
    And may I just say, it might be mor eco-friendly to use leather, but not every type of leather, and especially not the leather that is mass produced. Think about it. They build farms of animals just to make handbags out of them – that cannot be eco-friendly at all.

  • Sarah

    I loved this bag when I first saw Rihanna and Kate Hudson wearing but I also questioned what it actually felt and smelt like being faux leather. Last weekend though I was intermix and saw it in real life and this bag is amazing, it feels like the softest most buttery leather and doesn’t smell fake at all. So surprising actually. They only had one left so I snatched it up. I think the price was actually totally reasonable given the quality of this bag, it’s also very well made and I think will be perfect for throwing my whole life in it. Also, I know it costs a LOT more money to manufacture non leather bags because of the investment of finding leather substitutes that are also ecofriendly in the production process (which Stella’s is). Overall, I am really happy bag, it’s a little edgy, practical, girly and also, I feel good about how no animal had to be hurt in making this bag : )

  • kacey

    This bag has Nothing in common with chanel. stella mccartney bags do not smell and last a loong time. As a person who own both brands I find I have to baby my chanel more. In fact I have sold two chanels recently due to the delicacy of the fabric. I live in NYC where most people use leather and get tons on compliments on my SM bags. No one thinks my bag is plastic.

  • britt

    I don’t know what sarah is talking about because I saw it today and it is NOT buttery soft. Its not a stiff bag but calling it buttery no way. It doesn’t look like leather at all and it really has no smell to it. I actually liked the smaller version of the bag but for $900 for a non leather bag that I cant even tell what its made out of, i just passed. Im sure i can find it on ebay for 200-300 a couple of months from now

  • Shruti

    girls, dont have a myopic view. This bag is great and worth the penny for who can afford!!!!

    what makes you think that LVs or Dior’s can command exorbitant prices, just because it is leather? You can get great quality leather bags for much less than $100. But the LVs would cost you over $1000, and not because its leather, because of the Brand. You are paying for the brand value and status.

    So is the case with Stella McCartney. The bag is great, looks uber cool and the $1000 price tag is for her bran value and design and status. Nothing else. And its a good thing that someone is making luxury bags which is cruelty-free.

    Stella’s designs are great, and people who have money wouldnt bother while paying the sum she demands!!!!