Salvatore Ferragamo Risvolti Eco Metal Free ToteIt’s probably time for me to sell my SUV, because the Green movement just keeps spreading to more and more areas of our lives. And it appears that it has finally come, in a serious way, to designer handbags. Salvatore Ferragamo recently released a line of five environmentally friendly handbags, aptly tited Eco Ferragamo. My personal favorite is the Salvatore Ferragamo Risvolti Eco Tote, pictured left.

These bags are still made of the super-luxe leather that we expect from designer purses, but the leather was tanned using natural tannins instead of the harmful chemicals that are used in the manufacture of most leather on the consumer marketplace. The interiors are made of a hand-woven hemp lining, which involves little, if any, chemical processing that would damage the environment. The one thing that confuses me is this: the bags claim to be metal-free, but there’s no alternative explanation of what the hardware is made out of. It looks metal to me, but could it be plastic? And if it was…isn’t that just as bad? Buy through Neiman Marcus for $1890.

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  • Bruna

    I love it’s beautiful and has no monogram. And I love the yellow colour …..

  • Cate

    Love the yellow. Really curious as to what the “no metal” implies.

  • Jen

    I love this site! I can’t afford any of these handbags, but this site allows me to dream! Great bag!

  • Cathy

    lol. maybe the metal disclaimer doesnt apply to the external hardware.

  • Jacqui

    “Metal Free” is referring to the eco tanning process. They use chrome and other heavy metals in the usual tanning process, but metal free tanning is better for the environment as you said. I think that’s what they mean…

  • azleen

    bought the oversize hobo from this collection…. love soooooo much…. really worth it.

  • Raul

    I Neiman Marcus is wrong in saying this bag is metal-free. The rest of the bags from this collection actually were metal free. All the closures were made of leather.