The Roger Vivier RV Shopping Tote is the perfect example of two handbag design principles that I believe to be true. First, that you don’t need to over-design in order to have an interesting bag. The lines of this tote are incredibly sleek, but the precision shows a great deal of care and thought were placed in to them. The leather-covered semi buckles that form the handle attachments are the perfect finishing touch, and the mirror the buckles that Vivier is so famous for in their shoes. It’s not overpowering, but it’s there, and it’s successful as a design element.

Roger Vivier RV Shopping Tote

The second principle that this bag demonstrates is that when you have great leather to work with, you don’t need much else. Deciding to cover the hardware with the bag’s material instead of leaving it as metal was a great decision – it gives the bag a continuity that metallic hardware would somewhat diminish. The material used on this bag is amazing – it’s simultaneously matte and a bit shiny, it has a natural texture to it that hasn’t been erased in the tanning process, and the color is somewhere in a middle ground between brown and olive green. With so many basic thing’s working in the its favor, there was no need for the designer to employ any kind of gimmick to make this bag stand out. Buy through Luisa Via Roma for $2118

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  • mette

    I´m with you! What a relief to see a bag that is so discreet. The leather looks fine too. Does it come in any other color?

  • myc

    sorry, i dont get it…i will never pay $2118 for this bag….

  • lka

    Very classy and elegant, but at the same time, casual enough to use every day. And timeless enough to withstand any trend. I love it!

  • Ursula

    Love, love, love this bag. It also comes in black, and the leather makes it well worth $2118. There’s uglier stuff being peddled for way more out there. Roger Vivier bags are impeccably constructed so this one has my vote.

  • Linda

    Beautiful bag and I agree, simplistic, functional, classy design but not worth the 2 thousand price mark at all! Then again, I believe very few bags are!

  • Beth

    That is one totally hot, rockin’, classy bag that looks like it would only get better and better with years of use. A little pricey, though!

  • Jeannie

    I LOVE THIS BAG!! If/when I hit the lottery its going to be on my “must buy” list!

  • papertiger

    I would be proud to carry this RV bag

  • Lisa

    I like it— its cute!

  • Romase

    site best